Pound Cake Freestyle [Video] & Worldstar | Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino freestyled over Drake’s “Pound Cake” on Sway In The Morning. He has also released another song, “Worldstar” from his upcoming album. (Because The Internet. December 10th.)
By now you know, Gambino keeps it honest. Check out his “Pound Cake” freestyle below where he raps and responds to some of the questions he’s been getting  lately.

Childish Gambino – Pound Cake Freestyle

I tried to stay inside, but they still got something to say/ are you still on the show? (Community) Are you dating Jhené?

Now about this next one. You know what time it is when you hear Woooorrrrlllldstar!  Just check it out.

Childish Gambino – Worldstar

So. Fresh. Prince. They. About to. Bring the. Show back!

post by StarrBoss

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