T-Pain Speaks On Why Future Is On DJ Khaled’s Album Instead Of Him


Remember when you didn’t hear a DJ Khaled song without a T-Pain hook? Well all of that changed when Atlanta rapper, Future, stepped on the scene and took over T-Pain’s signature autotune filled hooks. T-Pain explains why Future is featured on Suffering From Success instead of him.

“Future is on right now,” T-Pain told VIBE. “Khaled deals with who’s hot at the time, so of course he don’t need T-Pain when he got another T-Pain. It’s not really a big deal for him to switch people.”

Pain goes on to say that he would’ve done the same thing.

“Future is the hottest nigga right now… So of course, you ain’t going to have me and Future on the damn song, that’s just redundant as hell.”

When asked would he work with Future, he responded

“Yeah, of course I would work with that nigga… [Future] said he’ll work with me. He’s just busy right now. He ain’t never in town, and we ain’t never in the same place. Once we get in the same place, I’m pretty sure we’re going to make some magic happen.”

If T-Pain wants to make his return to music, he’s going to have to put out something great. I’d start with some features. Drop an EP. Work my way from there. He’s gonna have to show the industry that there is room for two autotune kings…. or is there? Do you believe that Future is just another T-Pain? Would having them both on a song work or would it be too much?

post by StarrBoss


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