Indy Politikz: Introducing The Talented Roydiké

BackCardvistaprintRoydiké. [roy-dee-kay] Singer. Born in Dallas, Texas. His mom would say that he began singing before he could even talk, but his love for music developed more in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in his church choir. His view of music expanded as he spent some years living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and traveling with his family. There, he heard the different sounds of many cultures and experienced other traditions while balancing it out with his own experiences from America and his native country, Nigeria.  How cool is that? 

Anyway, I’m excited about this post, because I know him personally and his talent is undeniable. But of course.. I had some questions for him.

What age did you realize you wanted to become a singer and how did you get started?

Ah, I just have this image of me when I was very small – sitting in front of the TV trying to copy the Michael Jackson moves, and his sounds from his performance that my dad had recorded on a VHS. I was probably 6 years old. Ever since then it was just something that I picked up and practiced. I wrote when I was younger, I sang, and I learned how to record on VHS just to record award show performances (and cartoons) to copy their moves.

He continues,

I’m not positive how to answer that except, I feel like it was engraved in my life pattern and I’m answering a question like “When did you start learning to eat and when did you get started?” I don’t know why haha, but I cant answer that with a time and date. BUT of course, the goal became more defined and concrete as I got older.

Who or what inspires you?

To write? Everything inspires me: what I go through, what people surrounding me go through, and I like to put myself into other peoples shoes and that could be anyone – from a villain to saint – And I just try to write from their perspective.

What artists have influenced your career?

I love many genres when it comes to sounds and singing styles. I feel that there’s always something to learn from everyone, so Im never focused on just one successful artist. I tend to jump back and forth, and I like that – I think it helps me to become a better entertainer, all around. There’s something to learn from Usher, The Beatles, Tim McGraw, there’s something to learn from Michael Jackson, and another thing to learn from Beyonce, Muse, Coldplay, and Jay Z. A list from me might be endless haha.

Now let’s get to the music. Check out a few of his covers that he releases via Youtube. (In order to expand his fan base until his original work is done.) To hear some of his original work, visit his SoundCloud page. We will keep you updated on the EP he plans to release later on this year.

Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”
ZEDD’s “Clarity” x Usher’s “Love In This Club”
Lorde’s “Royals”

In everything I do in music, I don’t initially do it for myself; I am doing it for you. I enjoy helping people out, and I honestly think the best feeling I get, is how pleased people are after a performance or  listening to a song I created. Of course they say you cannot please everyone, but at least its good to know that you did brighten someone’s day. When I do become international I want to use that image to give back, and I mean that sincerely. – Roydiké


post by StarrBoss

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