Meet Indy Producer De’Vaughn of Big Time Beatz


De’Vaughn. 22. Originally from New Jersey, but now resides in Conyers, Georgia. Music Producer. Weapon of choice? Fl Studio.  iLoveMyPlug’s Producer Draft winner. He’s a part of two production groups. The first being, “Big Time Beatz” with aArcher and MTF. The second is called “The Heard” with Nova K., Marco B., and aArcher. De’Vaughn’s trademark tag is “New Message” followed by “Big. Time. Beatz.” So far he’s produced for Richie Wess, Nebu Kiniza, Da Kidd Half, Travis Porter, J-Money, Rich Kidz, Chrome, Boue Country, and Nessly. I recently talked with De’Vaughn to learn a little bit about how he got started, upcoming projects, and his mixtape #DraftPick.

How old were you when you made your first beat?

I had to be about 13. It was horrible. I still have all the beats I’ve EVER made to this day. I wasn’t really “producing” back then I would say. More so of getting to know the program. The baby steps. But overall fun looking back at it now.

What producers or artists have influenced your career?

The producers/people/artists that influence me the most are my peers. They have the biggest impact on me. They always seems to inspire me in a way that has nothing to do with music. My music peers always keep me pushing myself. That’s really what keeps me going.

If you could work with any artist who would it be?

I would want to work with someone who isn’t too much for the fads of music. Someone that can compliment my style and also push me past my limits when it comes to producing. Get me out my comfort zone but also allow me to have my style in the mix. But maybe someone like Daft Punk, I would LOVE to work with. Just to see how they create their amazing music. I like Disclosure. They make dope stuff as well.  Lorde. Robert DeLong. Damn near every rapper you can think of, I would want to work with, honestly. There are a lot of electro/pop producers I hear on MTV AM that I would love to just sit and see how they work. It’s just amazing to me [their music]. I love it. Oh! and how could i forget Bingo Players! I love their music too!

Tell me about your mixtape, #DraftPick

The original plan was to get 10 different people with all different fan bases and that type of promo alone would of been dope for everyone,  but it didn’t happen that way. I won the Producer Draft last November and that really gave me a bigger look on it. I got sponsorship behind it from iLoveMyPlug and it went on Live Mixtapes Indy page.  All the artists on the tape I know personally besides the big name people. 80% of the mixtape was literally produced and recorded in my room… from the beat being made, to the artist coming over and recording, to the song being mixed. Majority of it was engineered by my production partner aArcher. He did damn near all the vocal mixing on it and helped me mix some of my beats that I couldn’t get to sound right. We also produced a few tracks together on the tape.

Check out footage from the #DraftPick listening party below. Download and stream the mixtape here.
What’s your favorite track on the tape?

I like a lot of songs on here. One of my favorites are “Heat Of The Moment” by NiccoFeem because it was a fun, different beat and I challenged myself on that. His style and how he rapped made the energy come out on it. But I like literally every track on the tape. One thing I didn’t like was when most of the beats where made I didn’t have my new 808 sound. So I wish I could of had more of my present style on there. But that’s not a bad thing when I look at it. It just shows progression and I like my 808s hitting hard haha. Only two tracks on the tape have the new sound “Gas” by JaYRoD and “Car” the free beat aArcher and I did.

De’Vaughn is currently in the process of building his catalog of beats, (with no particular style). He says he just creates beats as he goes and that’s why so many of them sound different. They aren’t predetermined. He just goes with the flow. You can follow him on Twitter @DeVaughnH, on Soundcloud [].

Check out his “Oxy” instrumental.

“Car” [Free Beat] produced by aArcher and De’Vaughn

I ALWAYS hear (when I send beats to other producers or people to hear my work) about my 808. Haha it never fails and I love it! Crazy it took me almost 4 years of producing before I got my “808 sound” that no one heard before. (So I get told). My style is of my own. Sometimes I don’t think I have a style because you would be able to tell from a beat [that I produced it] just by hearing it. But if my tag wasn’t in some of my beats, I don’t think many people would know I made it if I didn’t present it to them. I just LOVE to mix weird sounds with hard 808s. Mainly things that normally wouldn’t go together in terms of music but make it sound good. Still working on that style but slowly easing into it! – De’Vaughn

post by StarrBoss

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