What Makes Rihanna “ICONIC”


On November 24, 2013 The American Music Awards will present Rihanna with the first ever Icon Award. Ms. Barbados in an 8 year career span has sold 50 million albums and 180 million singles worldwide & her 7 some albums have produced 12  #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and she holds the title for best-selling Digital Artist of All Time.

“The first-ever Icon Award was created to honor an artist whose body of work has made a profound influence over pop music on a global level,” said AMA producer Larry Klein. “Rihanna’s iconic and innovative sound has enabled her to become one of the most influential and bestselling artists of all time.”

Since announced the world has some concerns in why Rih would even been mentioned with the word Icon, but what today actually makes someone an Icon? Of course we have our Michael & Janet Jackson. Prince,  Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin Celine Dione & Diana Ross.. then comes the younger generation Beyonce, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Brandy, Christina Aguliera &  then Gaga & ADELE (in maybe another 3-5 years) . Of course Rihanna doesn’t have the dance ability of Michael, Janet, Madonna & Britney. The stamina of Beyonce, Usher & JT… The range of Whitney & Mariah nor the musicality of Prince, Stevie Wonder & Alicia Keys. Yet Rihanna is always brought up with the word Icon.

What made most of the artist Icons such as Michael, Janet, Madonna, Mariah, Beyonce, JT & Usher was their involvement into their artistry. These artist work everything from their album packaging, video treatments, music & vocal productions, writing their own music & creating their own tour sets basically having control in everything that gets put out & what we see. Whitney Houston was involved in very little of her writing, but Whitney produced her vocals, wrote some songs.. (none of her biggest hits) & still had control of her career & where it was going &  is non arguably the best singer to EVER TOUCH A MIC. Pretty much Whitney is everyone’s favorite singer. In the 80s- early 00s that’s what made a Icon.

Now we have Rihanna. Like Brandy she has real distinctive tone. Every record Rihanna is on its her tone that catches me not even the words & that’s a good thing to any music listener, but she just started to be able to hold a few notes live.  Yes, her music tells her story & what’s she’s been through, but she has little involvement in the writing process of her albums. Her personal life is all over the internet, but in today’s generation isn’t that what people look up to? Doesn’t her music reflect what’s going on in her life?  Its  catchy &  relatable to everyone. She smokes a lot & Rih’s style is unmatched. So what’s the problem?

In my opinion Rih doesn’t get the credit she deserves. She’s an Icon to a certain standard.  Aside from Kanye West, Rihanna visually Hands Down makes the best music videos of this generation. Honestly other than Drake who in the limelight speaks up for young people with a relatable message? Beyonce is too bland. Chris Brown needs Christ. Katy Perry lives in La La Land with those bubble gum pop songs & Gaga is too dramatic to grasp the attention of normal people who aren’t trying commit suicide.

So no she isn’t in the same lane as Michael, Whitney, Janet, Beyonce, Mariah or Prince but that’s what separates the Icon from yesterday from the Icon of today. Rihanna might not have the talent to be an Icon but she sure does have the tour sales, the fan base, the image & the music receipts to be mentioned with them.. kinda like Madonna huh? think about it.

take a look at my favorite Rihanna music videos.


(Rehab feat. Justin Timberlake)


(Rude Boy)

(What’s My Name feat. Drake)

(We Found Love)


(Pour It Up)

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One thought on “What Makes Rihanna “ICONIC”

  1. Yes Rihanna is an Icon! She brought out the ruby red hair and the high-waist shorts from the 80’s. She may not be in comparison to Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston but she will be viewed as an idol to the youngins in this upcoming generation.

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