Lupe Fiasco Discusses “Black Skinhead”, “Control” Response, and Falling Off


Lupe Fiasco recently stopped by Power 106 to chat with Rikki Martinez about Kanye’s “Blackskin Head,” his “Control” response, falling off, and his next album Tetsuo and Youth . Check out an excerpt below, then check out the footage. You’ll also hear him discuss the the concept behind his Chris Brown collaboration “Crack” and why he dressed up as a KKK member in the “#1234″ video.

On ‘falling off”:

“I don’t really know what falling off is. Did I fall off at radio? Did I fall of as an MC? You mean I’m not just as popular as I was six months ago or because you let this new dude come in who you think is nice because you’re 17 and he’s relating to your high school experience the same way Nas did for me.”

post by StarrBoss


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