Throwback Thursday | A Closer Look At Samples Used On Drake’s “Take Care” Album


Drake’s Grammy-award winning Take Care album hit stores November 14, 2011. In light of recent conversations I’ve had with a couple of people, I realized that some of you may not know the songs that were featured on “Cameras” and “Look What You’ve Done.” Not to worry, I’m here to put you up on game. (you should obviously know that “Practice” samples “Back That Azz Up“)

First up, “Cameras.” Remember Jon B? The song samples his song “Calling On You,” which was featured on his third album Pleasures U Like. If you haven’t heard the track, listen below.

Calling On You


Now for “Look What You’ve Done.” I know plenty of people will say that this is their favorite track on the album for the message behind it, but how many of you know who is being sampled? For those of you who don’t know, it’s Static Major and Smoke E. Digglera’s “If U Scared, Say U Scared.” Check out the classic footage of the two below. Skip to the minute mark for the sample.

If U Scared, Say U Scared [R.I.P Static Major]

Look What You’ve Done

dope right? thank me later.

post by StarrBoss


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