‘Living Out All Dreams Everyday’ With Indy Rapper Young Mal


Young Mal. 20. Rapper. Lousiana native. Georgia resident, but his New Orleans accent never left. His delivery is cocky, but it’s one you’ll appreciate. He’s been rapping since the age of 7. When he turned 15, he began to take rapping more serious and put together a team called TMG (Troublemaykerz Group). This group includes rappers Ap3z, Qees, Blak, and Mooch. As for now, Young Mal is working on his third mixtape that’s dropping before the end of the year.  Learn about his inspirations, his latest mixtape L.O.A.D.E.D,  and his upcoming projects below.

What’s your biggest inspiration behind rapping?

My life and where I come from. I’m from New Orleans and in my situation my family did not have any money. Seeing my mom struggle with five kids is a tough lick to swallow as a young male. So as far as I remember, I been grinding since a youngin’ [laughs] — I’m talking going around selling candy in school, cutting grass, pulling up weeds, washing cars, and so much other stuff. But as a lil kid I have always been creative. I started out drawing. I always wanted people to see whats on my mind, because I have a wild imagination that’s just so real.

What about the rappers that have inspired you?

Well growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana you are going to hear a lot of rappers from around your area. So of course, the whole Cash Money no doubt. Juvenile used to be my nigga back in the day. Soulja Slim is another one of my inspirations. God rest his soul. Tupac of course is a huge inspiration. Cassidy. Drake. Kanye West. Nelly. Luda. I been listening to alot of Dizzy Wright lately, that kid is nice. But Lil Wayne has to be the rapper that really inspires me. That dude is just really dope.

Take a second to listen to his freestyle over Kanye’s “Blood On The Leaves”

Let’s move on to his latest mixtape, L.O.A.D.E.D, which is solid by the way. The tape has trials and tribulation tracks like the ode to New Orleans “Bring It Back (Like Yea)” to songs for when you’re feeling yourself like “Cocky.” Young Mal even showcases his story telling skills on tracks like “Dirty Diana, “Shorty Wanna Be” and “Friends With Benefits.”

L.O.A.D.E.D. stands for Living Out All Dreams Everyday. My lil brother and I actually came up with that name when we was loaded, [laughs] so i  guess it can go both ways. We actually recorded that mixtape in our closet at home. My little brother did majority of the production on that tape also. Little guy is a beast [laughs]. Most of the music you guys will be getting now is recorded at my PBM Recording Studio. Shout out my nigga Shawn and Luis for that.

What’s your favorite track on L.O.A.D.E.D?

Well I really like “Band$,” “Bring it Back,” and “Cocky” and I know the streets will like those also. But I really like “Shorty Wanna Be a Thug” for some reason. Maybe because i painted a vivid picture with that song.

I really like the original song by Tupac and I use to bump that and “Wonda Why They Call U” by him all the time. When I wrote that song, I was going through a tough time in my life.  When I heard the beat I just started vibin’ to it instantly and started writing to it. I love the way I made every bar correspond to one another. The concept of the song is just about how a good kid that had something going for his life let the negativity around him affect the choices he made.

Check out “Shorty Wanna Be A Thug” below.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

Yes, I’m working on The Rough Draft Vol.2 and this other mixtape with this producer, Lonely Beatz.  Shouts out to him.  The mixtape’s straight dope. I have plenty free songs that I’m going to be dropping and videos too. So be on the look out for that.

I’ll definitely be keeping you all up to date with Young Mal’s latest releases, but for now you can watch the video for another track off of his L.O.A.D.E.D. mixtape called, “Let’s Get It.”

Download L.O.A.D.E.D. mixtape here
Download The Rough Draft Vol 1 mixtape here
Social Media:
Twitter: YoungMallyMal
Youtube: Youngmaltv
Instagram: Youngmaltmg
Soundclould: youngmal

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