Indy Politikz With Rapper Miles Prime


Miles Prime. Rapper. 18. Phoenix, Arizona. Nice. That’s the best word I could think of to describe his flow. At first listen you’d compare his delivery to Kendrick Lamar.. yeah, Kendrick Lamar. According to Miles, he gets that all the time.

“I get the whole “Miles is the new K.Dot” or “young Kendrick” comparisons quite often. I mean I’m not complaining he’s an amazing artist.. but similarities don’t mean two people are one in the same all the time, you know?”

I say it’s a reflection of him being a part of West Coast rap. Luckily, he still puts his own spin on tracks and they’re… nice. Miles has been rapping and performing his own songs since he was 8. He’s inspired by artists like  Tupac, Eminem, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Big L, Big Pun, and Biggie. I talked to him about the recording process for his projects, his favorite tracks, and what he wants people to take away from his music.

When speaking on the recording process for his mixtape Prime Example that was released in April:

“It was pretty intense, but all around fun. I literally wrote the whole project in about 5-6 days and recorded 3 each day until I ran out of material. I find it much easier to write and flow over beats that capture me instantly… and with my uncle/main producer Traumah, it was a smooth process of hearing a beat and comfortably coming up with a song concept.”

So, what’s your favorite track on the project and why?

“Haha yo! tough question! Hmmm.. I love all of them. But the one that really meant the most to me at the time was “The Neighbor’s Daughter” because it brought back a lot of old memories. Probably too many old memories. I remember when I dropped it as a single months before the release of the project, my fans felt every emotion I put into the song and couldn’t wait to hear more. Haha, good times. “

Check out The Neighbor’s Daughter” below.

Moving on to his more recently released EP, Blak Hoody. He explained,

“On Blak Hoody, I just wanted to let people know I’m pretty much the villain in all this. Who cares if you don’t like me? Who cares if I talk a lot of mess? Are you prepared to stop me? Kinda gives off a cocky mood, but then again everything said is proven or backed up. I wrote all the songs in a dark space to display the reality of my personality and things I go through or did go through at some point. You can say Blak Hoody is the spin-off or ‘alter-ego’ of Prime Example.

His favorite song on Blak Hoody is “95 Pac.” He says the substance and meaning stand out the most. You can stream the song (and full EP) on his website.

When talking about his latest release, “The Usual,” he says it “pretty much came out of nowhere.”

“The Usual” pretty much came out of nowhere. My London homie, Lekaa really appreciates my work and wanted me to get on one of his produced beats. We had been talking about it for some time,  I just never had the time cause I would already be in the process of writing to other beats. Soon after I released Blak Hoody, I don’t know.. we kind of just connected on twitter and he sent the beat to my email. Once I heard the track I immediately knew I would hop on it! It’s one of those songs where i artistically express what im feeling. I’m proud of it.”

Listen to “The Usual” below.

Being that this is indeed Backseat Politikz, I’m throwing this one in just for fun. Check out “Bishes,” his cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle”

I want fans to be able to know my full story from my music. To gain knowledge. I want fans to be able to throw on some Miles Prime when they’re having a bad day and just forget about everything.  The one thing I want people to know about me as an artist is I’m far from the usual. Ill always do and say what I feel. – Miles Prime

To stay updated on Miles Prime, follow him on Twitter @MilesPrime. Bookmark his site, where you can find his Prime Example and Blak Hoody projects.



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