Indy Politikz: The Real Will Hill

real hill willWill Hill. Rapper. Chicago native.  Raised in the suburbs of Atlanta. College student. His early music inspirations come from artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Outkast, and Prince. Will’s now rapping with whom he calls his “HOME” Team (High Off Music Entertainment). He’s hungry, but manages to remain mellow while delivering those ‘hungry raps’. You can hear it on his latest mixtape, Ramadan. I talked with him about the mixtape, his favorites, and more. Check the interview out below.

What’s one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

“Who I am.”

Who are you?

“Just a kid born in Chicago, raised in Atlanta with a dream and a vision.”

Do you remember the first rap you wrote?

“I don’t remember the full thing but it was when I was super young and only had artists like Bow Wow to look up to. Haha but it was something I wrote because I wanted to rap. My aunt still has it to this day.”

What do you think sets you apart from other up and coming artists in the Atlanta scene or other artists period?

“My influences and my sound. The main sound in Atlanta is trap, hood shit or something for the strip club. That’s not for me. If I made that music it wouldn’t be me staying true to myself as an artist. I remain true to myself and speak on things I know about.”

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment thus far musically?

“Being able to perform at A3C through the help of my true friends, fans, and supporters!”

If you could pick ONE person to work with (dead or alive) in the music industry, who would it be and why? What’s your favorite track or project from that person?

“Dom Kennedy. Over the past few years I’ve become such a big fan of his music and his movement. His music is just so smooth and chill. That’s the type of person I am, never catch me too much out of my element. Also his accomplishments such as being featured in Forbes WITHOUT a record deal show his great amount of work ethic. That’s why I would want to work with him. Favorite song by him of all time is Platinum Chanel.”

Now that you know the basics, we can get into his latest project Ramadan. He released the mixtape in February of 2013, available for stream and download hereWill Hill displays all types of music on Ramadan.  The intro track starts with his ambitions. There’s real tracks like “Babble” that tell about his life and confidence. There’s ‘stoner music’  from “hi” to “Floatin Pt II” to “Parachute.” There’s a ‘woo’ track for the ladies titled “$pend.” Well, you get the point. 

What was the recording process (writing, gathering features, etc) like for Ramadan?

“Every time I went into the studio I had the song completed for the most part, had the beats, and the lyrics were written. All I had to do was record everything. As far as features, I knew I wanted to work with my team, [HOME Team] and my bro Zip K. As well as, Translee, Money Makin Nique, and SUBMiT. These are all people I knew and wanted to work with, because I truly like their music.”

What’s your favorite track on Ramadan?

“Favorite track on Ramadan would have to behi” featuring my HOME Team bros T-Shyne & S’natra and produced by the homie Angel M. The verses are just soooo fire and the production just set it off even more. It’s such a crazy song and then when the Fantom Doze remix by Myrryrs drops it just takes it to level 20 it’s just a next level song!”

What’s your favorite track you’ve recorded so far?

“This is a contradiction to the last question haha but it’s a tie between Floatin Pt. II & Babble & I say that because Floatin Pt. II is such a classic. The homies M-Town Vice over in France really put their foot in that beat and thats the main reason for the developed sound that it has. On the other hand Babble (produced by RBT JNS) is a more personal song, the most personal that I’ve ever put out, people can really get a glimpse of my life and see some of the things that I have been through.”

Check out the visual for “Floatin Pt. II” below… which happens to be my personal favorite.

Who came up with the concept for the “Getaway” video? What’s the significance behind adding the protest footage?

“Jack Stillz, a great director, videographer, and  photographer came up with the idea behind the ‘Getaway’ video featuring Money Makin Nique. Originally, I wanted to go with something lavish to fit the song.. maybe a beach or something like that. When he came up with the idea of Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right Thing’, it made more sense. It’s more fitting to who I am as a person and all the things that are going on currently.. and with the Trayvon Martin protest footage, it just was something that really happened spur of the moment and fit perfectly. If you’ve ever seen ‘Do The Right Thing’ you’d know why.”

Check out “Getaway” featuring Money Makin Nique.

I asked him about his upcoming projects and he responded with,

“Project coming soon… that’s all I’m allowed to say.”

Of course, we’ll keep you updated on new releases from Will Hill. To connect with him directly, follow him on Twitter @RealWillHill. You can download Ramadan and the rest of his projects via his site:, which also has the rest of his visuals, pictures, and links to the rest of his social media.

Will Hill, thank you for your time!


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