Backseatpolitikz’s Tribute To Aaliyah



January 16th is the Birthday of the late Aaliyah. A beautiful woman, a good artist & a wonderful spirit. Instead of comparing her legacy to others & trying to figure out who would she better than if she was still among us, we here at BSPZ would like to celebrate what Aaliyah was all about & that was her MUSIC. Aaliyah left us with 3 great albums: Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (my personal favorite), One In A Million & AALIYAH. With contributions from R. Kelly, Timbaland & Missy Elliott our Baby Girl left us a stream of hits that’ll never die & still get heavy air play on the radio as if she never left. 

Now if you’re a true Aaliyah fan you would know most of Aaliyah’s best songs are tracks on the albums that the general public may not know so let’s start by giving you 5 of Aaliyah’s best songs that weren’t singles.

1. (It’s Whatever)

2. (Street Thing)

3. (Never Givin’ Up)

4. ( I Refuse)

5. ( Young Nation)

Aaliyah was a good dancer, in almost all her music videos she gave us a dance breakdown of some sort. By celebrating her legacy we’re gonna post her Top 10 Music Videos.

10. (Back & Forth)

9. (4 Page Letter)

8. (The One I Gave My Heart To)

7. (Try Again)

6. (If Your Girl Only Knew)

5. (We Need A Resolution)

4. (Rock The Boat)

3. (Are You That Somebody)

2. (More Than A Woman)

1. (One In A Million)

BONUS: (Miss You)


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