New Mixtape: The Great Escape | Zach Farlow

OZfFznaZach Farlow has delivered his mixtape The Great Escape. The rapper is originally from Nashville, but now in Atlanta. The tape doesn’t have any features, but check out the production from Metro Boomin’, Sonny Digital, Lex Luger, and more. Download and stream the mixtape via Live Mixtapes here. Also, check out the tracklisting below.

01. Zach Farlow – Fukk Around [Prod. By Lex Luger] (3:38)
02. Zach Farlow – D.R.U.G.Z [Prod. By Ricky Racks] (3:32)
03. Zach Farlow – Wassup [Prod. By Sonny Digital] (3:36)
04. Zach Farlow – Toast [Prod. By 808 Mafia] (4:13)
05. Zach Farlow – Keep [Prod. By 808 Mafia] (3:47)
06. Zach Farlow – Solo [Prod. By DJ Spinz & Dun Deal] (3:37)
07. Zach Farlow – How It Goes [Prod. By Ricky Racks] (3:04)
08. Zach Farlow – More For Me [Prod. By Young Chop] (5:08)
09. Zach Farlow – Get Rich And Get High [Prod. By DJ Spinz & Metro Boomin] (3:59)
10. Zach Farlow – Round And Round [Prod. By Ricky Racks & DJ Spinz] (3:32)
11. Zach Farlow – On Me [Prod. By Metro Boomin] (3:16)
12. Zach Farlow – Nonsense [Prod. By Wheezy] (3:32)
13. Zach Farlow – Maybe It’s Just Me [Prod. By Ricky Racks] (3:49)
14. Zach Farlow – The Great Escape [Prod. By Ricky Racks] (3:27)



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