Kim Burrell Sings Happy Birthday To Brandy [Video]



On February 11th Brandy celebrated her 35th Birthday. In an room full of friends & family Bishop Kim Burrell came out & sung Happy Birthday to Ms. Norwoord. With Ray J on her side as Kim Burrell sung a rendition of ‘You’ve Been Good To Me’ & listed her accomplishments.


Tyrese took to Instagram to post this video & said…

“That moment when Kim Burrell walks out to surprise Brandy for her 35th birthday!!! @4everbrandy you are grace, you are an angel, you are a sincere soul I love you and adore you forever happy birthday…. Shout to Ray-J and Ryan for helping to pull off the impossible….. Kim Burrell you are the Steve Jobs of innovative vocals there is literally no one who can compare and you’re so humble it’s unreal.. Thank you for letting me host you at my home and I’m glad you liked my food… Lol…. Amazing #35th birthday night…. Truly.!! Happy Birthday @4everbrandy we love you!!!”


watch the emotional clip below…

post by: dopeSShhh

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