Viewers Choice: 14 Love Songs For Valentine’s Day

Valentines-day-valentines-day-22236757-2560-1600First things first, Happy Valentine’s Day from BSPZ! There are plennnnnnty of love songs out there, so of course we can’t cover them all. So instead we’ve asked a few of our IG followers what some of their favorite love songs are. Below is a list of 14 songs that they’ve named (and a shoutout). Thank you to all who have responded! Check it out.

1. Nothing Even Matters – Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo

Can you say classic? This is the perfect 90’s love song, because it features a male and a female vocalist. (Which gives couples a chance to sing to each other if they’re into that).

[@ohhh_ejai & @chefboyrdo_o]

2.  Un-thinkable [I’m Ready] – Alicia Keys

Sometimes people just need to know that you’re down to take the next step and this song captures that.  If you love them, tell them. If you like them, tell them. What are you waiting for?


3.  Breakin’ My Heart [Pretty Brown Eyes] – Mint Condition

This is that “you know you want to be with me” jam you play when you’re serious about the person and tired of waiting.  Very classic.


4. Point Of It All – Anthony Hamilton

You really love them? They’re always on your mind? They don’t still don’t know why? Play this.


5. For The Lover In You – Shalamar

It’s gotta be real? You could write a book on how they make you feel? This may be for the lover in you. Play it.


6. Love, Sex, Reggae – Gyptian

I love having this on the list because it’s so non-traditional. Enjoy.


7. Still In Love – Brian McKnight

This. Is. A. Love. Song. When the eagles forget how to fly? What?!


8. Gotta Be – Jagged Edge

Ever pinch yourself just to see if you’re dreaming? You gotta be the one they love? I feel you.


9. Go Baby – Lupe Fiasco

For them you’d be a maniac? Go baby.


10. Neva End – Future ft Kelly Rowland

Taking their heart for ransom? Here’s another duet for you.


11. Sweetest Thing – Lauryn Hill x Refugee All-Stars

More Lauryn. Classic.


12. All The Man That I Need – Whitney Houston

R.I.P! No introduction needed.


13. Butterflies – Michael Jackson

R.I.P! Floetry wrote a classic! Who better than MJ to deliver?


14. Incomplete – Sisqo

Sometimes having everything doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have that one person to share it with.


Thank you all!


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