Indy Politikz: Suni MF Solomon

sunimfSuni MF Solomon. Atlanta, Ga. Not your typical female rapper.  The best way to describe her music is that playlist that makes you think about life. The one you need when you go on long drives. You know, that shit you put on to ease your mind? Those songs that are guaranteed to get played during a smoke session? That’s Suni MF. Ridin’ music. Real life situations, delivered at a smooth pace. Anyway, I caught up with Suni to talk about 5th Mixtape, her upcoming project 6Deep, inspirations, and more.

If you could take a verse from any female rapper and make it your own, what would it be and why?

“Ahhh. That’s a good question. If I could man, I want the whole song. Lauryn Hill “That Thing.” I listen to that song everyday on the way to classes. It’s just so dope. The message is there. The lyrics are there. The harmonizing! She’s just perfect and I love her music. Ever since I was a youngin’ she had my respect. There will never be another her.”

Are there any producers that you would love to work with that you feel embody your style or could further develop it?

“It’s a long list! I would love to continue to work with my right hand man BobxWeave. That’s my road dog, my brother, my muse, ya know? But I would def want to work with 40! Drake’s producer, that guy is nice! Then of course Pharrell, J. Cole, & Timbaland!”

What’s your recording process like?

“Hmmm it depends cause sometimes I write the song long before I record it. But when it’s me and my boy BobxWeave in a ‘spare of the moment’ type of situation, I’ll be writing while he produces. Then we lay it down. I can write a song in seconds if the beat speaks to me!”

Do you have a favorite song you’ve recorded so far? Why?

“Hmmm man haha I’m in between 2 tracks. The 1st one I would have to say is “Leave U Alone.” The beat has an Aaliyah sample in it. Man its genius. I’m just speaking on past music relationships that went sour and how sometimes I do feel like quitting this shit because niggas be so cliqued up and dick ride other niggas. It’s just a lot of shit. So with this song, I express it all. I love it, the lyrics flowed like water! It took like 30 minutes to write it. I love when I get beats like that! The 2nd choice would have to be “Where I’m From” just cause I’m speaking on real life shit. Shit I’ve seen growing up as a kid and my hood my upbringing. I love those honest tracks! Tracks I reflect on ya know?”

Be on the lookout for those tracks to be released at a later date! Now let’s get into something you can listen to now. The last full project Suni dropped is titled 5th Mixtape, which you can stream and download here. Plenty of tracks on there to vibe to.

Tell me about your upcoming project, 6Deep in comparison to your latest release, 5th Mixtape.

6Deep is gonna be waaaaaay different from 5th Mixtape. I loved 5th Mixtape, it was just too long in my opinion. I love 5th Mixtape, because BobxWeave came through with some killer ass production. Shit I’m in a debate if I should remix some tracks and put em on 6Deep. Especially that “I’m High, Fuck It” track. I love that one. But the inspirations on 6Deep are better. Back then I was having hella fun. [I was] naive to a lot of shit living with moms. Now with this project I’m a different person. More mature, I’m paying my own bills, living by myself, not too much focused on the women like I use to be. I’ve just grown up for the better so your gonna get a lot of honesty in my new lyrics.”

As mentioned above, Suni’s favorite track on 5th Mixtape is “I’m High, Fuck It.” To further explain she said,

“It originally started off as an excuse. I use to say that shit to my homies all the time when I would fuck something up or get something wrong. Then the chant in the back, ‘young nigga outchea 10 years old, young niggas ouchea get this dough’ is something I use to say when describing that I’m still a young naive lil nigga ouchea reeking havoc on the city. No rules, no worries. Living like a 10 year old basically. My homies loved the track. I got my close friends on there and we just wilded out on it. Haha and of course the crowd loved that song! I would always have the crowd put they middle fingers up when I performed it. It was just great in my opinion.”

Here’s the track. Press play.


Here’s another from 5th Mixtape, titled “They Notice” ft JaMEEL. Shit rides. haha.

There’s no set release date for 6Deep yet. She says she’s taking her time on this one to make sure it’s perfect to her and no one else standards. Her first single from the project, is called “Turned Back.”

“With this single I want to inform the world where I came from, what I’ve seen, and who I am. I grew up on the westside of Atlanta and, although it wasn’t the nicest neighborhood, Adamsville made me who I am today. At 22 years old I started to really put a lot in perspective. At first I was naive to my surroundings but I noticed my surrounding told a story… MY STORY”

Listen below.

As always, I ask the artists to tell me the one thing they want listeners to take away from their music. She replied,

“I just want them to listen to my tracks and relate to me in some type of way. I’m human, I sin, but I also know how to have a good time. So I just want people to take in my sound and watch it progress as the years go by.”

You know I’ll keep you updated on releases from Suni MF Solomon. Of course I couldn’t include everything in this one interview, so be sure to check out her website There you can find pictures, videos, music, news, and more. There’s plenty on there to catch up on. Also, follow her on Twitter @SuniMFSolomon.

Suni MF! Thank you for your time!


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