Indy Politikz: Live From The White House With DJ Prez

1DJ Prez. College Park, Ga. You can catch him spinning at Sidebar in Atlanta every Friday night. He also has his own online radio show, ‘G5Jett Radio,’ which airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. He’s one of the hottest DJ’s in the city. So let’s get to it. I caught up with DJ Prez to talk about his inspirations, his Live From The Whitehouse mixtape, and more.

When did you know you wanted to be a DJ and how did you get started?

“The DJing thing just happened when I enrolled in college. I had a mentor by the name of DJ Bush and he got me started and  gave me my first turntable.”

What’s your inspiration behind being a DJ? What keeps you going?

“I’m inspired by my family. Everybody has a musical talent in my family. We can all play the drums, but I’m the only one who can DJ. So, I try to excel in that. I lost my mom in 2012 and the thought of her  watching over me spiritually keeps me going. I still got my dad, so really for them to be proud of me keeps me going as well”

Are there any DJs in the industry that have influenced you?

“Not too many DJ influences cause I don’t want get to a point where if I’m DJing people can say I sound like someone else. But my favorite DJs would have to be DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kash from V103(Atlanta) and DJ A-Plus who is also from Atlanta.”

How do you prepare before spinning at a venue?

“On my way to the venue I say a prayer. Then when I get there, I do a mix of old 90s music to get me in my zone.”

What’s your favorite atmosphere (or venue) to spin in (at)?

“My favorite venue would have to be my current club I DJ at on Fridays, SideBar. The club is set up for that 21+ vibe and I love that grown and sexy atmosphere.”

What’s your favorite mix you’ve done? Why?

“My favorite mix would have to be my TLC mix. Growing up my older sister was a TLC fanatic. So when the TLC movie came out it took me to my childhood and the memories of me and my sister as kids inspired it.”

Stream the mix below.

How did you get started on G5 Radio?

“G5 Radio is an online station we created last year. In my pursuit of being a DJ, early in my career I noticed sometimes it is ‘who you know.’ I felt shut out of the Atlanta scene, even though I’m actually from Atlanta. So I said I’m gone make my own way and G5Radio was born.”

Listen to a mix from the show below.

In January Pastor Troy returned to the music scene with the release of a new mixtape, Crown Royal 4, hosted by DJ Prez and DJ T-Lewis. The mixtape can be streamed via DatPiff here.

Tell me about Crown Royal 4 with Pastor Troy. How’d you end up on that? What was the process like?

“Crown Royal 4 was an amazing experience. For my first mixtape of 2014 to have been with a southern Hip- Hop legend, I’m honored. Me and Pastor Troy go waayyy back… that’s my fam. When he did the verse for Future’s “Sh!t Remix”, he hit me up and we traded ideas. Then 3 weeks later he called me up and told me to come to the studio. I linked up with DJ T Lewis in Mississippi and the rest was history.”

Let’s get to your latest mixtape release, Live From The Whitehouse. What makes it different from the others?

“It’s my return to the ‘industry.’  I stopped making mixtapes for a while cause I felt the DJ game had became too saturated. I consider myself more of a club DJ than a mixtape DJ.  The difference between this tape and my past tapes would have to be my mental maturity. My first mixtape Flight School Season 1was hosted by late rapper Slim Dunkin (RIP) but back then I was young and dumb. I was cocky with okay talent, but now I’m more humble and my talent keeps rising.”

You can download and stream DJ Prez’s new tape via DatPiff here. Be sure to tune into G5 Jett Radio every Wednesday at 8 via You can follow him on Twitter @DJPrezG5 & Soundcloud: ElPrezidente-G5. We’ll keep you updated on the latest releases from DJ Prez. Did I mention this is our FIRST DJ interview under Indy Politikz? Homage.

Prez! Preciate your time homie.


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