KING VII Releases New Album ‘Legends Never Die’


Dallas Rapper KING VII releases his 2nd project ‘Legends Never Die’ via on March 4, 2014. The young EmCee doesn’t bring the usual Dallas sound to his project. He didn’t do the expected & put an album full of twerk anthems & thrashing traps beats instead he put out something different to represent his city & his music in a new light. The album  consist of 12 tracks with a few features from Young Street, MGA-CZAR, Dandii Sun,and Candice Eden. ‘Legends Never Die’  is something the Dallas music scene should follow seeing that mainstream Hip Hop is slowly going back to lyricism & actual story telling thanks to Kendrick Lamar & JCole.


1. Chapter 6: Reservoir Dogs [Prod. Devin Canady]
2. 25 [Prod. Malik Music]
3. Legends Never Die II [Prod. Malik Music]
4. Pretty Ricky [Prod. AX]
5. Badu Ft. Sense 94 [Prod. AX]
6. MC BREED Feat. Candice Eden [Prod. Mr. TIM]
7. Chapter 7: hiSTORY [Prod. Versaondabeat & Malik Music]
8. Pulp Fiction [Prod. KING Dwight]
9. MISFITS Feat. Young Street & Dandii Sun [Prod. Versaondabeat]
11. B Ft. MGACZAR [Prod. Devin Canady]
12. Mama Youth [Prod. Howard Coolins & Solo Future]

Legends Never Die is pressing music forward by ending the repeating formula that Dallas artist tend to use. Stand out tracks are: 25, Badu, MC Breed & Mama Youth. Weakest tracks: MISFITS (production mainly, didn’t care for the beat surprisingly). Our personal favorite would be Badu.

very impressive.. [4/5]

please go & support @IAMKINGVII by following him on Twitter & downloading his album.

post by: dopeSShhh

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