Indy Politikz: JR Explains ‘The Life Of A Rebel’ [Interview]


Allow me to introduce you to JR. He’s an up and coming rapper on the Atlanta scene. Born in Jersey. Raised in the Midwest. He says he’s heavily influenced by 90s and West Coast Hip-Hop. Since JR recently released his debut EP LifexOfxAxRebelit’s only right that we talked about that, how he got started with music, and what it actually means to be a rebel. 

How did you get started with music?

“Well I’ve always been musically talented. I grew up singing in choir and loving Hip-Hop. Once I was about 17,  me and some friends started rapping in class to someone beating on the desk. The rest is history!”

Who are some of the artists that have influenced you?

“Of course all old school rap inspires me. From Big Daddy Kane to KRS1. Tupac. Luniz. I’m heavily influenced by the west coast and 90s Hip-Hop.”

Tell me about your LifexOfxAxRebel EP and what it really means to be a rebel.

LifexOfxAxRebel is all about being true to one’s self [and] not being afraid to be yourself. REBEL [stands for] Respect Empower Believe Embrace Life. The recording process was easy. Micah Wytt of Blue Room Recording Studios engineered it. I’m a perfectionist at my craft so recording is child’s play.”

JR released the project via DatPiff in February. You can download and stream the full thing here. The first released single from the project is called “MTPL.”

Tell me about MTPL. What was the inspiration behind the track?

“MTPL stands for money trees, purple leaves. A$AP Rocky’s “Purple Swag” actually is what inspired me to write this track. Just a feel good, relaxing, smoking joint. I mean what dude doesn’t love money and some purp?”

Check it out below.

JR also released a chopped and screwed version of “MTPL.” Now… me being from Texas and undoubtedly what we would call a “Screwhead,” I wouldn’t dare include a track that wasn’t properly chopped. Luckily, DJ Blak Boy did his thing on this one. Check it out below.

“I’ve always loved chopped & screwed music. It’s dope and after recording the origInal MTPL, I linked up with big homie DJ Blak Boy and did the screwed version. I knew that song would be perfect for it and it came out dope.”

Check out the opening track for the EP called “Better Dayz” below, which happens to be his favorite featured on the project.

“Better Dayz is produced by RBT JNS. It just hit home for me. Kinda gave you that old school up north feel. Plus growing up I told my mother when I get rich, I’ma get her a two seater. So, the concept just clicked for me [and] came out dope I think.”


Last but not least, what’s one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

“Who I am, what I’ve been thru, where I come from, that rebel nigga.”

And who are you?

“Who Am I? I’m just a young man following his dreams, not afraid of being myself and letting the world know me.  It’s been a long road so far and there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Since LifexOfxAxRebel is fairly new, JR doesn’t have any full projects in the works. He will be dropping plenty of visuals and singles from the EP very soon. So, stay tuned for those releases. As always, we’ll keep you updated! To further connect with JR,

Social Media: Twitter & IG: @iamxjr


JR, thanks for your time!


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