Indy Politikz: ‘Fontane, The Musical’ With Mir Fontane [Interview]

IMG_9784Mir Fontane. [meer-fon-tane]. Camden, New Jersey. Rapper. He even dabbles in other things like singing, drawing, fashion, and comedy— you can check out his spoof of ‘Meek Mill’s Missed Calls’ here. But more than likely you’re here for the music. So let’s get to that. I talked with Mir Fontane about his recent EP release, Fontane, The Musical.  Of course we talked about other things like how he got started with music, what sets him apart from other artists, and more. Check it all out below.

How did you get started with music?

“It started after a break up. I used music as a way to get things off my chest about what I was feeling about love at the time. From there I used music to deal with other issues I had and it just so happened that my music connected with a lot of people. [and] I enjoyed doing it, so I kept at it.”

Where do you draw the most inspiration from when it comes to being an artist?

“Most of my inspiration comes from real life experiences. Whether the experiences are my own or I choose to tell someone else’s story.”

What sets you apart from other artists who are already in the industry?

“Storytelling. There aren’t many mainstream rappers who can tell a story in their music. Most of it is braggadocios or cliche concepts. I also have a unique style which incorporate lyricism and comedy.”

Mir released Fontane, The Musical via Datpiff in February. The 7-track project holds your attention from start to finish. From his delivery that instantly commands your attention, to the real-life situation concepts, the EP is definitely worth the listen. Go ahead and download and stream it here. The intro track alone is crazy. Check that out below.

Let’s talk “Fontane, The Musical” what was the recording process like?
“Fontane, The Musical was the first project I had with all original beats. I would be in the studio or at home and come up with a hook. Once I had the hook me and Lil D would sit down and create the beat from scratch. The concepts of the songs were really pulled from feelings or interests I had. For example, the song “The Boogieman” is very heavily based on a real life situation that I had to go through. It’s a touchy subject but when it comes to music I believe nothing is too personal.”
Check out “Boogieman” below.
What’s your favorite track from the project? Why?
“Sheesh, I have a couple. [lol] but I would have to say “The Game”. We put a lot of work into that song. The crazy thing is that it almost wasn’t apart of the project. Lil D had that beat saved for himself and let me listen to it. The first time he played it I freestyles the hook and it just stuck. We went from there. I get turnt to that song.”
Check out “The Game” below.
What was the inspiration behind incorporating the TV Show ‘Martin’ into your first single? 
“The Martin show is a part of my childhood. It was always my favorite show to watch and it always kept me laughing. “Pam” was created as I watched an episode of Martin and let my mind wander and create an entire story. I always felt that Pam was more attractive than Gina. So in my mind I would always say to myself, “man if I was Martin, Pam would be gettingthe business.” [lol] So it started out as a joke, but I then made it into a serious song based on a comical television show.”
Check out “Pam” below.
Most importantly, what’s one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?
“The message. Every song I create has a message that I want to get across as well as the experience that I want them to have when they press play.”
As far as upcoming projects go, Mir is working on a short film based on a track that he did called “Milkshake.”
“It’s a thriller about a guy who goes to the extreme when the girl he loves turns him down. Can’t really say too much but it’s crazy.”
Of course BSPZ will keep you updated on all of his new releases. To further connect with Mir Fontane, click the links to follow him on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube.
Mir, thank you for your time!

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