YG Talks Rap Beef, His Debut Album, & More With Hot 97 [Video]



CTE’s YG sat down with Hot 97 to talk about his debut album, his influences, growing up, working with Jeezy, and more. Check it out below after you read the excerpts.

On album influences: I was listening to Doggystyle. I was listening to Chronic 2001. I was listening to Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Ready To Die. I was listening to that the whole time I was doing my album.

On beef with Tyga & Problem: It’s no drama. If niggas feel like I’m dissing them, that’s how they feel. I didn’t say nobody name or nothing.

On My Krazy Life being a classic album: It’s easy to make a classic album. It just takes time…If you’re giving stories and it’s realistic like people feel it and like ‘he ain’t lying,’ that’s classic.

On ‘Toot It & Boot It’: I fuck with the hook… but my parts of the song, I hate that shit.


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