Indy Politikz: Introducing My Own Island [Interview]

moiMy Own Island. East Atlanta. 22. Rapper. Producer. College graduate. Socially awkward. As far as influences go, he names 70s rock, old hip-hop, indie pop, drugs, and outerspace. Just to throw something random in, he also mentioned that Sega Dreamcast is the best video game console ever made. Anyway, My Own Island dropped a project titled The Things Outside on April 14th. I talked with him about that and much more. Check out the interview below.

How did you come up with the name ‘My Own Island?’

“I really just wanted to annoy DJ’s when they had to announce it. [haha] Nah, it’s kind of deep, more of a mind state than a name. Basically, it means “being an individual”. No two islands are exactly the same, every one is their own island. A lot of us just don’t realize it.”

How would you describe your sound?

“I’d describe it as “comfortable” but always progressing. Its a little different, depending on what you’re in to. If you listen though, its a pretty comfortable sound.”

What inspires you the most to create?

Life, moods, space, time,  Sega Dreamcast and Jordans 1-13… Playing Sonic Adventure usually gets my juices flowing. I also watch a lot of old Max Fleischer cartoons. Those are tight.” 

Are there any artists or producers that inspire you that you would love to work with?

“I was actually just thinking about this today… Hmm.. As far as inspiring artist go… Stevie Wonder, Sade, Pete Wentz, Johnny Craig, America, my nigga Chaz (Toro y Moi), Baha Men, Wild Nothing, Wiz Khalifa, Gwen Stefani, Fleetwood Mac..There’s long a list. Strangely enough, I don’t really really want to work with anyone right now.”

Describe your writing process. What’s that like?

Honestly, my recording process is hardly ever the same. Most times though, I’ll record a rough freestyle of what I want to say in a song and then transcribe it. Other than that, it just depends on the song, knowhatI’msayin’?”

As stated earlier, MOI dropped The Things Outside on April 14th. The entire project can be streamed and downloaded here. The tape features 10 tracks, all mix and mastered by Moran Lanier—who also produced 8/10 of the tracks on the project. MOI mentioned that he usually likes to make his own beats, but he likes to experiment over different production if his mind vibes with it.

What’s your favorite track from the project? Why?

“My favorite track from [The Things Outside] is probably TeleScope. Its probably the best, released, demonstration of what I like to do–expressing thoughts and having fun. Also, the line “You never know who be dissin’ you/ but when you’re gone, they’ll be missin’ you” really came from a deep place. [haha]”

Check out “TeleScope” below.

What was the inspiration behind the visual for “Feel?”

“Maaan, the [Feel] video was pretty spur of the moment, in actuality. My friend, Garrett or Gdot Bell, shot and edited it. Wasn’t really much inspiration other than him feeling that song and wanting to shoot a video. Shoutout to my homie Alex, as well.”

Check out the visual for “Feel” below.

Last but not least, what’s the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

“Really man, I just want to make music people can relate to. That’s it.”

As usual, we’ll keep you updated on the latest releases from My Own Island. To further connect with him, follow his Twitter & IG: @MyOwnIsle / Soundcloud: MyOwnIsland


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