Indy Politikz: Entering ‘Euphoria’ With Ballad [Interview]

Ballad4Ballad. Singer. Originally from Luanda, Angola, now residing in Brockton, Massachusetts. If you read his bio, you’ll learn that the name ‘Ballad’ comes from the way his style swoons over a track. His influences range from Michael Jackson to Usher, which also play a role in helping him to create what he calls “timeless” music. Check out what he had to say about his latest project release, Euphoria and much more below.

When did you know music was something you wanted to do?

“For as long as I can remember. Music was always a big part of my life. My father was a DJ with an almost endless supply of music. It was great being surrounded by that energy, and by someone who took his craft seriously. It wasn’t till my senior year in high school that I began to think of it as more than just a hobby/pipe dream, and took it as a serious career path.”

Where do you draw the most inspiration from?

“Mostly from my interactions with women. From friends of mine, to current and past lovers. A lot of my music is emotionally driven, so really anything that sparks strong emotions from me.”

Who are some of the artists that you’ve been influenced by?

“Many. Michael Jackson being the first and foremost, literally. I remember walking into my uncle’s room (think I was 3/4 years old) and seeing a poster for Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album. At the time I clearly had no idea who this man was in front of me, but I knew one thing, I wanted to be him. Once I actually found out who he was, nothing had changed. That man is the epitome of an entertainer, and I would love to follow in those footprints. Among others are Prince, for his eclectic style in music. Sade, for the amount of passion you can feel from her records. Marvin Gaye, for the soul and emotions he brought into every record. And Stevie Wonder, for his amazing way with words when it came to writing a song. Oh, and I can’t forget about Usher. He’s followed in Michael’s footsteps, and has done it so well. He’s definitely an idol to me.”

What sets you apart from other singers that are already in the industry?

“I would have to say that I come with more variety than other r&b singers currently in the industry. Right now I think everybody is focused on doing what is working “right now”, and what the current “trend” is. I’m focused on making music inspired by what I was surrounded with growing up, and making it able to survive throughout the years, Timeless if you will.”

Euphoria is Ballad’s debut mixtape that he released earlier this year. It’s a well put together project that contains 14 tracks. Stream it here.

What was the recording process like for Euphoria?

“Long, extremely long haha. There were actually two iterations of Euphoria. The first was a collection of records that I felt would really make an impact. Songs to vibe out to, and dance to. I was actually in a relationship for the first half of the recording process of the project. When that relationship failed, my subject matter changed. The songs I started recording were more personal, raw and unfiltered by what I thought people would like to hear. From there the whole process switched and we started from the ground up again. It eventually became what it is now, a project that takes you through the stages of a relationship. From start to finish. From the good, to the bad. Jay Muse helmed majority of the production, followed by Myka, Entelleckt, Lucas Arens and Dave Menz. I tested out my skills in production on a couple of records as well.”

Check out “Someone New” from the project below.

What’s your favorite song from the project?

“I would have to say “Alone” is my favorite record off the project. It was actually one of the very first songs started, and the last song to finish. I had started writing “Alone” long before Euphoria was even born as a thought. For the life of me I couldn’t think of a chorus, tried and tried and failed miserably. I put the song down, and I left it alone. One day, feeling newly inspired, I decided to open up the session and take another stab at it. Safe to say I was successful this time. Being able to complete that record, and seeing how much I had grown as an artist makes that song truly dear to me. Not to mention that it’s quite possibly the most personally song the project.”

Check out “Alone” below.

Since Euphoria, Ballad’s released a number of tracks. They can all be streamed on his SoundCloud.

Here’s a track titled “Fight.” When speaking on the record, Ballad mentioned,

“Fight” was inspired by me being afraid of love. Afraid to feel it as deeply as possible, after a truly heartbreaking and failed relationship. It was my way of letting myself, and my woman of interest, that in order to have the kind of love that we want, that we need and deserve, we have to fight for it.

Last but not least, I asked Ballad what the one thing was that he wanted listeners to take away from his music. He replied,

“Love deep, love hard, have fun. I want them to know that there’s someone out there that can relate to how they feel, and that can also make music for the times they don’t want to think about it. And for the times that they need to.”


To further connect with Ballad, follow him on Twitter & Soundcloud: @MrLoveBallad! Of course we’ll keep you updated on all of his latest releases.

Ballad, thanks for your time!



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