Indy Politikz: TVPES, The Beat Maker. [Interview]

TVPESTVPES. [tapes]. Producer. He describes his sound as Lo-Fi Film Music.. I’d say that’s pretty accurate, but what he didn’t mention (until I asked) is that his style also comes with hella loops. Whether the looping is a good or a bad thing is up for you to decide. I say, it’s a chance to hear his dope vibes on replay…. without actually hitting replay. Anyway, let’s get into the interview. TVPES gave me a little bit more info on how he got started making beats, inspirations, and his creative process. Check it out below.

How did you get started as a producer?

“I got started by being really influenced by my friends and the music that I was being exposed to at that time. My friends Vaughnilla and Wizdumb (both are really good producers based out of WA, main reasons why I bought a 404) were jamming at my buddy MadShroom’s house one day, and Vaughn brought over this little thing with 4 knobs and 12 buttons on it and he was playing all kinds of music that just blew my mind. I got into the styles of music he and everyone around me were making and it just went from there. Everett is a very versatile and creative place, I miss hanging out there and jamming with all kinds of people. I started producing around 2008, been doing it extensively and taking it more serious the past few years.”

What inspires you to create and are there any producers that have inspired you?

“Life inspires me to create. I can name drop all day to who inspires me but if it’s all about the music, then I can vibe with it on that level. In terms of music that’s made me go ‘damn, that makes me wanna get to work’: Lately what I’ve been bumping on my ipod is: David Straange, Black Sabbath, Samiyam, Tyler Brimley.”

What’s your creative process like? Is there a certain routine you follow or a certain mood you have to be in?

“Depends on what’s going on, how I’m feeling. Sometimes I’ll be mad at the world and just listen to records all day in my basement and make beats, lose track of time and zone out. Sometimes I’ll be in a good mood and feel like going mobile and making beats in other people’s house, or outside. I usually make em alone; I work a lot faster by myself. “

Let’s get to the music. I asked TVPES to choose three tracks from his SoundCloud and to tell me about each of them. Check out his selections below and what he had to say about them.

“My buddy earwaxMELTER (dope, check him out) made a video/microwaved beat video [here] and it made me want to make a quick 5 beat lil something. I’m in the process of shooting a vidstrumental kinda similar to this for this track. He’s great.”

“Uh…cosplay girls are cool…keep doing what you do.”

“I like this beat… and breakfast (whenever I’m up that early), which inspired this one. It’s a beat I submitted for a compilation. I also did the artwork for it.”

You can download that last beat here. As always, I asked TVPES what’s one thing he wants listeners to take away from his music and he replied,

“Much love to those that vibe to it. and tacos rule.”

Word to the tacos. To stay updated on TVPES and his releases, follow him on Twitter: @tapemastah. Also check out his SoundCloud @TVPES. Of course we’ll keep you updated as well here at BSPZ.

TVPES! Thanks for your time!



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