Indy Politikz: A Chat With KasFlow [Interview]

KASFLOWKasFlow. Rapper. Atlanta. Originally from New Jersey. TNC (which is an urban Hip Hop collective of Rappers & Producers built on grind and creativity focused on spreading love through sound).  Anyway, you know that playlist you have full of dope artists with crazy wordplay? Add him to that. I caught up with KasFlow to discuss how he got started with music, his latest project, and much more. 

How’d you get started with music?

“Well my whole family loves music. So, I was raised listening to a lot of different types as a kid.”

What inspires you the most to create?

“The simple fact that I can change how someone feels and have them relate to what I’m saying, plus vibe with it. Other than me making music for therapy, that would probably the main reason.”

Take me through your writing process, what’s that like?

“Well when I get a beat that I vibe with heavy the words just come. It’s like I know already how to rap on it by how the beat is.”

KasFlow dropped his S C H E M A LP earlier this year. It comes with 12 tracks and can be found here.

How’d you come up with the name for the LP?

“Well ‘schema’  describes an organized pattern of thought or behavior that organizes categories of information and the relationships among them. The deffinition described my tape the most. So, I went with it honestly. Like a new school Blueprint, not comparing it to Jay Z but in a sense of that. This is only the beginning.”

What’s your favorite track from the project? Why?

“My favorite song on the project would either have to be “C R I M E” produced by LAKIM, “KREEPIN” produced by RNDYSVGE or “BRAND NEW” produced by BrowniEs of TNC. I just love those beats so much.”

Check out “KREEPIN,” and “BRAND NEW” below.

What ultimately sets you a part from other artists?

“I’m tryna bring a new sound to the game. I want my music to have longevity, so I always want the best music out.”

If you could take one rapper’s verse from any song, what would it be?

“Elzhi’s verse in “hiding places“‘

Any upcoming projects?

“Yeah I have “The Runna” dropping this summer. No dates yet tho but soon.”

Check out KasFlow’s latest single “Green.” It’s produced by MadBliss. Expect it to be on that project.

Last but not least, what’s the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

“That I really know what I’m doing. This isn’t a game and I want them to know that.

As usual, we’ll keep you updated on the latest releases from KasFlow. To further connect with him, follow him on Twitter @KasFlow & on Soundcloud @TNCKas.

Kas, thank you for your time.



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