Indy Politikz With Lil D Beatz aka Kev Rodgers [Interview]

lildbeatzCollingswood, NJ. Lil D Beatz. Now known as Kev Rodgers. Rapper, who also dabbles in the production scene. Sometimes you may even catch him singing on the track, depending on what it calls for. With him having his hand in so many different aspects of music, I find it necessary to figure out how he got started in his craft and which one he prefers. Check out the interview below.

How did you get started as a producer? How’d you get started rapping? Which one do you enjoy more?

“I was in a group from when I was in 7th grade all the way until I was a junior in high school. We were doing songs on industry and soundclick beats.  So, I started making some of our beats because we didn’t have any original songs. I learned how to make beats from a Camden [New Jersey] beat maker that was starting to get known named DJ Cooley.”

“I always rapped. I was writting music at the age of 10 with my older brothers. I grew into being a artist my junior and senior year in high school. I was going to a real studio in Cherry Hill and recorded my first mix-tape “R.A.W.” with another artist named A.I.”

“I enjoy rapping more. I love the nature of it and I only started making beats to rap on original songs.”

On his SoundCloud, you can find covers of popular tracks like Drake’s “Draft Day,” Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters,” and Nicki Minaj’s “Looking Ass Nigga.” Check out his version of “Draft Day” below. It’s a good introduction to who Kev Rodgers is as an artist.

Now that you’ve heard that, we can get into the original stuff. I asked Kev to select a few tracks from his SoundCloud that he wanted to present within the interview and talk about them a little bit. There’s three tracks, “Last Night,” “Never Leave You Alone,” and “Don’t Stop.” Check them out below.

“Last Night”

“‘Last Night'” was one of my first tracks I decided just to have fun on. I felt like I was getting too comfortable with depressed and painful music. My goal was just to be me, keep it real, and have fun. It sort of has that DJ  Mustard, Kid Ink, and Ty Dolla $ign type feel for the club in the Summer time.  I started with the melody of the beat and I came up with the hook and kept it going from there.”

“Never Leave You Alone”

“Never Leave You Alone”  was my third single on my latest mix-tape/album Valentine’s Day Massacre 2. I was listening to one of my favorite songs that my favorite producer Hit-Boy produced — “Shine” by Audio Push— and the sample in the back round caught my attention. So I decided to play around with it and looped it up and made a beat. Originally I wasn’t going to rap on it, but I had put so much time into the beat I just came up with a hook and a verse. I asked one of my artist in my group/label SD1 (Since Day One) Authentick to hop on the hook.
“Don’t Stop”
“Don’t Stop” was my second single on my latest mix-tape/album Valentine’s Day Massacre 2. I had did the beat two nights before that and over the course of time, maybe about a week later, I kept adding harder drums because the first version of the beat wasn’t knocking hard enough. So I layered some 808’s and hard drums with some hard snares to kinda give it a little rock / live band type feel. I came up with a hook sang it and sent it to Mir Fontane another artist in SD1 (Since Day One) to feature on it. He said “no problem” that same night and I sent him the hook on the beat with an open verse at like 3:00am in the morning. He came the next night and killed his verse.
What about upcoming projects? Do you have any in the works?
“I have a lot of upcoming projects. I’m producing Mir Fontane’s new mixtape that should be releasing later this year. Also one of my artist in SD1 (Since Day One) Sharrell Cornish (singer) is releasing a EP late July called A New Age Black Queen that  I am producing. I got a couple records I produced for Rell Rock, AF Rome,and Money Willz coming soon. I sent some beats to TJ Hicky, so I might have some music coming soon with him. As for me, I got some songs I’m doing with a artist from Toronto named Kidd Triumph and I’m secretly working on my newest mixtape, King Of The Wood that hopefully should come out early next year.
Well I guess it isn’t a secret anymore. Last but not least, I asked Lil D Beatz—Kev Rodgers—what he wants listeners to take away from his music.
“I want people to listen to my music and feel like they know me. In today’s rap world, people wanna feel like they can relate and know you when they listen to you. I wanna be one of those real rappers who is not afraid to be themselves and have fum but keep it real in his music.”
As usual we’ll keep you updated on his latest releases. To further connect with him, click to follow his Soundcloud & Twitter.
Lil D Beatz aka Kev Rodgers, thanks for your time!



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