Indy Politikz & ‘Earritation’ With Uri Divers [Interview]

uridiversUri Divers. Philly. 19. Underground Hip-Hop Artist.  You can hear the hunger in his raps, his desire to be the best, that ‘crush-all-competition-I-gotta-pay-my-bills’ flow. I don’t just mean the lyrics, it’s in the delivery. Sometimes it’s very aggressive and when it’s not, it’s still filled with confidence. In other news, he recently released a tape by the name of Earritation, so we chopped it up about that and the basics; inspirations, how he got started, and upcoming releases. Check out the interview below.

 How’d you come up with your name, Uri Divers?

“Uri Divers” is actually my government name. It’s actually U’ri. But everybody pronounces it your-ee so I stuck with it and Divers is my real last name.”
When did you know music was something that you wanted to take seriously?

“In 9th grade I gave a demo to a person in my class and 2 days later the whole school was asking me for one.  So I actually created my first mixtape and sold it in school and it was received well. I haven’t looked back since.

What inspires you the most to create?
“Any and everything inspires me, good or bad. I think a lot so sometimes I draw inspiration from the smallest of things. Sometimes I draw inspiration from my favorite artists too. Hov, Wayne, Tierra Whack, Swiper, Currensy The Hot Spitta, Chief Keef.”
What separates you from up and coming rappers in the Philly scene or just rappers period?

“I feel like I’m more focused on making my own sound than most other rappers vs just making music that sounds alike to please the same folk. I like conquering new ground and attracting new fans from all walks of life. I try to make my sound as universal as I can. So when you listen to me you can’t say “oh he’s from Philly.” Not that thats a bad thing, but that’s not how I want to be looked at. I want to represent a different vibe from Philly honestly.

Now to the music. Divers’ Earritation can be found on DatPiff here. The 16-track project caters to a few different crowds. There’s stuff for the streets, tracks to smoke to, and even one or two tracks for the ladies.

What was the recording process for Earritation like?
“It took me about a year to create this project “Earritation.” I like to live before I write music so I can have things to write about. I don’t usually put a rush on my writing process. Sometimes I get certain energies from certain sounds and it gets my creative flowing and I can jus flow straight through, or it might take me a day or two to finish a song. As far as my features go, I really kept it in house besides the homie Reese Rell who I reached out to and he laid a verse down for me.  My other features, Swipe, Jay D, Sil Suave, are all artist I work with on the daily basis and we talk and trade ideas so I feel most comfortable with them on my songs.
What’s your favorite track on the project, Why?
“My favorite song is actually “Demons” specifically because when I got the song I knew what it was from the beginning. I had no doubt in my mind it would probably be the best song “bar for bar ” I ever wrote with out a chorus. The beat sounded like a classic from the first time I heard it. Another thing is after I finished the song I kind of figured out the direction I wanted to take with this project.”
“Demons” is one of many must-hear tracks on the project and it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the tape. The interesting part is, it wasn’t even set to be the intro. It was suggested to Divers by a friend. Check it out below.
I also have to include “Erykah.” It’s nice a track that includes a dope sample from “Next Lifetime.” Check it out below.
Last but least, I asked Uri Divers what he wants listeners to take away from his music. He replied,

“I really have no specific thing I want listeners to take away. It’s jewels in my music for everybody, so when you find yours I just hope you get that goose bump feeling I get when I listen to my favorite artist.”

Of course we’ll keep you updated on latest releases from Uri Divers. He mentioned that an EP was in the works, so be on the look out for that to be posted. To further connect with him, follow his Twitter: @UriDiversMusic and get Earritation on DatPiff here. Also check out his SoundCloud @uridivers.

Uri, thanks for your time!

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