Indy Politikz: Learning JasijahX [Interview]

Processed with VSCOcam with t2 presetJasijahX. UNKNOWN. Emotional lyricist. Washington born. Atlanta raised. His musical influences include Timbaland & Magoo, DMX, Biggie, Tupac, TI, JAY Z, Jody Breeze, and Drake. Jasijah started rapping at the age of 7 and eventually went on to form a group with his brother, Devin Michael, called My Brother’s Keeper. Fast forward to now, Jasijah is back on the music scene, solo, and Too Young To Care

We talked to Jasijah about more of his inspirations, TYTC, the UNKNOWN movement, and more. Check out the interview below.

What inspires you the most to create?

“Beautiful women in the winter… but really the best inspiration is always experience and future goals. These three things contribute to all of the music I make.”

If you’re familiar with JasijahX, you know he’s a part of fairly strong movement and team by the name of UNKNOWN.

What’s the story behind UNKNOWN? Why the name?

“Unknown was thought of by my business partner Adryan aka MDG-FRMUNKWN.  It comes from the fact that where we are from, nobody expected us to have a story [or] a struggle, nor cared to listen. So everything we are doing, from designs [to] music, [to] fashion– just our personal culture is Unknown. We also joke about how everybody’s women know us in private settings, but we be lowkey when we hit the city.”

So let’s get into the music. Jasijah released his first project earlier this year, Too Young To Care. The 15-track mixtape comes with features from Will Hill and D Worthy. TYTC hosts a plethora of different tracks. From unfortunate love stories, to stoner themes, to North West anthems. Download the project via his SoundCloud here.

Why Too Young To Care

“Too Young To Care is mostly a story of love from my 10th grade year of high school up to graduation and the following summer. Of course it has some things sprinkled in from more recent memories, but my overall goal was to share a story that was very personal. The name comes from the timeline in which this story happens. I was 15 and although I had a lot of problems at home, “the struggle,” [haha] most of my worries were relationships I had. In the end I realized I was far too young to care about a failed relationship and losing friends in the process of becoming who I am today.”

Check out the title track below, “Too Young To Care.”

What was the recording process like?

“The process was over the course of 6 months after returning to Atlanta from a 10 month stay in my birthplace of the great North West. The first song I completed was actually “TYTC.” That song made a few girls mad, but its all good. They are apart of my story I promised I would tell. The next song, and maybe the most artistic song on the tape, is “Smokers Enthusiast.” I teamed up with known rapper Will Hill to make a sound that no one really was doing at that time in rap. Nobody. People hear the song and think I bit off of drake with the two part songs, but we actually finished that song far before Drake or any other Hip-Hop artist made it a big thing.”

Listen to “Smokers Enthusiast” below.

 What’s your favorite track on the project?

“I have a few favorites, “Notes To Eleanore,” “Call Out,” and “High Class Flow.” Those are my most memorable, because no one else in the city is making music like this — telling a relatable story to every 18-28 year old in the city.  While sharing my true life experiences and being able to express some feelings I had locked away for a while was a great feeling. [but] My favorite track has to be “GlowXSeeYouLater.” I just love the vibe and the feeling I got when creating it was crazy. It was after a long night, from photoshoot to studio, then to the club at the end. It was just me, my mic, and a girl that I will not name that helped inspire this track.”

Listen to “Notes To Eleanore” below. You’ll have to check out the tape to hear the rest.

What’s next for JasijahX? Any upcoming projects or releases?

“I am releasing a street single, ‘Juug.’ Also, I am working on a free album titled POPPA with a vlog that documents the process and growth of my career, along with a long line of visual art to go along with each song.”

Since “Jugg” came out before I could get the interview posted, I’ll include it below. As far as the rest of the releases go, of course we’ll keep you updated on those. To further connect with JasijahX, check out his website You can also follow him on all social media @JasijahX.

I ain’t gotta juug, I ain’t gotta juug.

Last but not least, I asked my usual question: What’s the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music? He replied,

“For every person that listens to my music– good or bad reviews– I just want them to have felt something. If they cry of joy or pain, smile, laugh, or fall in or out of love through my music, I accomplished my goal.”

JasijahX, thanks for your time!


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