YG Announces “Blame It On The Streets” Film & Soundtrack

BLAMEITONTHESTREETSYG has announced that he will be releasing a short film titled “Blame It On The Streets,” accompanied by a 9-track album. Both will be released December 15th. Check out the track list for the soundtrack below. The 30-minute film will be screened in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta.

1. BPT Live
2. Bicken Back Being Bool (Remix) (feat. Big Wy, Mack 10 & DJ Quik)
3. Blame It On The Streets (feat. Jay 305)
4. Ride With Me (feat. RJ & Nipsey Hussle)
5. Me & My Bitch (The Neighbourhood Remix)
6. If I Ever (feat. TeeCee 4800 & Charlie Hood)
7. G$FB (feat. Slim 400, D Lo & RJ)
8. OMMIO (Freestyle) (feat. RJ)
9. 2015 Flow (Prod. by DJ Mustard)


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