New Video: Live From The Trap [Getting To Know @JasijahX and the UnkXwn]

UNKXWN2 copy2

Indy artist JasijahX has released an interview, Live From The Trap [Getting To Know JasijahX and the Unkxwn]. Watch the 15-minute clip below. Jasijah discusses the Unkxwn movement, upcoming releases, things that inspire his music, and much more. You’ll even get to catch some footage from Unkxwn’s #BeerOnMe event. Be on the look out for Jasijah to drop POPPA in spring. Continue reading

Indy Politikz: Keep Going, Free Spirit | Anyee Wright [Interview]

ANYEEWRIGHTAnyee Wright. Philadelphia. Musician. There’s a peaceful tone in her voice that makes her music instantly calming, but please don’t interpret calming as boring– it’s far from that. Continue reading