New Music: Juugged | JasijahX, D. Worthy, Will Hill & Nessly #IndyPolitikz

juuggedIndy artists JasijahX, D. Worthy, Will Hill, and Nessly have hooked up for a new track titled “Juugged.” Take a listen below. You’ll catch Vancouver artist D. Worthy on the first verse, Atlanta’s Nessly on the hook, Will Hill on the second verse, and JasijahX closes out with the third. Produced by Trell Got Wings.

“As Nessly lays an infectious hook over a Trell Got Wings beat, D.Worthy, Will Hill, and JasijahX all lay different – yet cohesive – styles of rap. All boasting of how not one man [independent or industry] can fuck with them. The under tone seems to be from Atlanta to the North West, they will first JUUG the WORLD then JUUG yo GIRL.”





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