Indy Politikz: Boss Now – An Introduction To Diamonn [Interview]

diamonnDiamonn. Atlanta, Ga. Singer. Boss Now. If you read her bio, you’ll learn that she started singing at an early age; writing her own music, taking vocal and dance lessons. Fast forward a few years, and she now holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications with a minor in English-Creative Writing from the University of West Georgia.. which means she’s now free to pursue her career in music. Anyway, I caught up with Diamonn to talk musical influences, upcoming releases, her debut project, and more. Check out the interview below.

 Who are some of your musical influences?

 “A few of my musical influences are Janet, Beyonce, Brandy and Amerie.”

 What inspires you the most to create? 

“God, personal experiences, and experiences I’ve heard my friends talk about is what inspires me most to create my own music. First, I feel that if I believe fully in God I have no reason to hold back anything which is why I try to keep going and keep creating. Secondly, my personal experience is what fuels my writing. It comes natural for me because a lot of my lyrics are what I’ve personally went through or what I’ve heard people go through…it’s like writing in a journal and venting at times.”
Describe your creative space.
“My creative space differs. I don’t have a set space. I do like to be alone though. A lot of times, I’ll be in a room working, or some melody may pop up in my head in the car or in the shower…and I’ll work on it then. It varies. I’m literally always working and thinking of something creative…everywhere I go. But whatever comes up I make sure that I record it on my phone immediately so that I won’t forget it if I’m not in a working space.”
If you could pick any artist or producer to work with, who would it be? 
“I’d love to work with Janet, Timberland, Future, Fergie, Gucci, just to name a few.”

Now let’s get to the music. Diamonn dropped her appropriately named Boss Now EP on April 1, 2015. The 6-track project features a range of songs. There’s a feel good track named “Turn Up,” there’s empowerment in the title track, “Boss Now,” and then there’s the very sexy, “More.” You can download and stream the project via DatPiff here.

What made you decide on the title Boss Now?

“I decided to title my EP “Boss Now” because it relates to my life. I honestly feel like I am a boss. Boss Now represents me being in control of my career, and making important decisions. It represents sacrifice (a lot of times I’d rather being doing other things) and commitment even when things don’t seem clear. I have to stay strong and committed to what I’ve always loved since I was a child and stay true to myself and my art, which to me represents being a Boss.”

Take a listen to the title track, “Boss Now” below.

What’s your favorite track from the project and why? What inspired it? 

“My favorite track would have to be “More” because it’s the most sexy and confident. I know there are times when we’ve all been afraid to give someone or something our all or more than we should. I love it so much because it’s talking about letting go of all of your fears and giving whatever it is (whether it’s someone or something) more than you’ve ever done. I think we all should be like this…get over your fears and go for whoever or whatever it is with confidence…give it more and see what happens. :)”

Listen to “More” below.

Before we wrapped up the interview, I had to ask her the infamous question: What’s the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music? 

“I want people to get an authentic, simplistic vibe when they are listening. From the lyrics to the sound/vocals, everything. I mainly just want people to feel warm welcomed and well connected..kind of like they know me.”

Diamonn mentioned that she would be releasing a visual from the EP soon. Stay tuned here and we’ll keep you updated on her latest releases. To further connect with Diamonn, follow her below on all social media.

 Diamonn, thanks for your time!!



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