Album Stream: 128 | TVPES #IndyPolitikz


After releasing his “Iced Oatmeal Cookies” track, indy producer TVPES is back with a new album. Stream the full project below. Each track comes with it’s own set of footage and varies from classic cartoons to classic movies.

“I just felt like I should choose footage that fit the music really. I made this album with the intentions of making visuals for it. I think the music really speaks for itself. If you listen to the whole thing, it’s 15 minutes, [and] I feel like the album paints a picture. I chose some of the footage based on how the beat made me feel when I was making it or how it looks like when I hear it.”

Watch the footage below. Purchase 128 here.

1. darkness
2.rain drops
3.spring is here
4.ghost ride the whip
5.alone in the 5th nedubla
8.commercial 2 (interlude)
9.this is what love feels like..
10.i saw her sitting there (TVPES x FANTOMPOWER)
11.curtain call



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