Indy Politikz: E$P Nique [Interview]


E$P Nique. Rapper. Originally from Lithonia, Ga. You may have also heard him under the name Boue Country, but that’s obviously changed and we’ll get to that later. Anyway, I’d say Nique’s music typically falls under the let’s ride, smoke, and vibe category.  He shines best over smooth production, while his voice perfectly accompanies his player-inspired lyrics. Let’s get to the interview.

What made you get started with music and when did you know it was something you wanted to take seriously?

“I remember I used to listen to my mom’s Sade Albums. Since then I had a passion for music. I first took the shit serious when I met “New Message” my sophomore year in high school and he sorta worked with me to mold me into a better artist. Shoutout to em.”

Explain your name. What made you change your name from Boue Country to E$P Nique?

“E$P stands for East Side Player. I originally am from Lithonia which is where the East Side comes from & Player is more of my personality.  Of course Nique comes from my name [Dominique] I changed if from Boue Country cuz it has more meaning and I feel it’s creative and one of a kind.”

What inspires you to create? What’s your creative space like?

“I would have to say life is my inspiration– the everyday situations. You know like past, present, and future. The things I been through, go through, and haven’t witnessed yet. My creative space is simple. Just me being lost in my thoughts. I can be anywhere and just come up with some shit.”

Are there any major artists or producers you’d like to collaborate with?

“Only a few artists.. Pharrell, Kevin Gates, Curren$y, Starlito, and possibly Future. As far as producers Zay, DJ Fresh, DJ Mustard, and Madlib. [but] It don’t matter as long as those best fit me. “

Let’s get to the music. He doesn’t have a full project out at the time, but there’s a few tracks on his SoundCloud that you should here. Take a listen below. I’ll include his comments about each track as well.

“Audio Highs”

“I originally did that on another beat but I felt like it’ll be alot more suitable with “New Message!” production. I was high as hell and just wrote that whole song in 15 minutes.”

“With Everybody”

“[Featuring] my family JB and Black Boue a.k.a. Lil Free Lunch. That song came from a high conversation about hoes while a beat was playing. I thought about how I had a couple bitches that was lowkey fucking with the homies, so I just created something ignorant from it.”

“The Session”

“I named it that because it was one of those high talk/real talk themes. I let my work speak for itself, so you’ll have to hear that one to catch the concept.”

Any upcoming releases?

“Only one I can speak of is the “Audio Highs” video set to release in a few weeks. The rest is just based on if I feel like dropping shit.”

“What’s the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?”

“My music is authentic. Nothing cloned nor bitten. Just be yourself, that’s all. Be real.”

As always, we’ll keep you updated on all of the new releases from E$P Nique. To further connect with him, follow him here on Twitter and here on SoundCloud.

Nique, thanks for your time!


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