Drake Premieres 3 New Tracks On #OVOSOUNDRADIO, Disses Meek Mill


In response to Meek’s accusations that Drake has a ghostwriter, Drake has dropped off a new record [or three]. Take a listen to “Charged Up”  [produced by Maneesh, Frank Dukes, and 40] below.

After you check that out, take a listen to the two other tracks that premiered, “Right Hand” and “Hotline Bling [Cha Cha Remix]” below.

The tracks were premiered on #OVOSOUNDRADIO via Beats1.

“done doing favors for people, cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature.”

“no woman ever had me star struck, or was able to tell me to get my bars up.”

“cops is killing people with their arms up, and your main focus is tryna harm us?”

Beat sounds like a interlude that got left off of So Far Gone… but it’s your turn now Meek. No more tweets. We want those battle rap bars that you brag about… Thoughts?


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