Tyrese Talks The State of R&B With Hot97

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I recently stumbled upon an interview that Tyrese did earlier this month with Hot97. One of the main topics that stood out to me were his thoughts on the current state of R&B (starts around the 12 min mark). Tyrese states,

“There’s an insecure impulse that a lot of R&B singers are not even conscious of. Luther Vandross never featured Kurtis Blow. Marvin Gaye never featured Run DMC. So what ever happened to R&B singers that can just feel secure and put out an R&B album, that’s just stand alone R&B?”

You’ll have to check out the footage to hear the rest of his point, but he’s right. There aren’t artists that are just putting out full R&B albums anymore. They have to have a rapper on their song or the “tough” rapper image, which in turn is killing the art of R&B.

Tyrese¬†also touches on hardships he’s faced, dating rumors, being on tour, and more in the interview. Check it out below.

Ebro wanted to know if that meant that Chris Brown wasn’t true R&B artist because he raps and rappers are on his songs sometimes, etc. (see Tyrese’s answer at 14:45) In my opinion, the answer is yes. Chris Brown isn’t a TRUE R&B artist. Sometimes he raps [Look At Me Now], sometimes he’s a pop artist [Yeah 3X], then there are other times when he makes “true R&B” records [Take You Down]… but to say Chris is a true R&B artist? Naw. The closest he’s ever been to being that was on his first album… But Chris is just one of a few examples. There’s nothing wrong with the music, it’s just not what R&B was built on.

Support a full R&B album and buy Tyrese’s Black Rose¬†here.


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