Meek Mill Finally Responds To Drake On “Wanna Know”

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.15.39 AMMeek Mill finally stopped tweeting and took action, which meant Funk Flex was finally able to premiere the diss record everyone waited so patiently on. Listen to “Wanna Know” below. Unfortunately for Meek, the track hasn’t gotten much positive feedback. (unless you count the fact that his team hyped the track up a couple hours before it dropped and claimed it was the next “Ether”) 

The skits in the middle throw the song off. The best part about it might be the use of Undertaker’s theme song at the beginning. He should’ve went way harder and just rapped straight through. It has to be awkward when the whole world asks “is that it?” I have a theory that maybe there’s a part two and the second half of the song is a preview. There’s no way that this is all he came with after the world waited 4-5 days. Maybe this would have worked if he dropped it immediately after the tweets that started all of this… but then again, “Back to Back” is still better than this. Therefore, Meek still loses.

Drake – 3 | Meek – 0

UPDATE: Meek deletes track. 8/12/15.


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