Indy Politikz: Introducing Bonnie & Clyde Music [Interview]


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bonnie & Clyde Music artists Broken Language and Nay Palm. We talked about how they started working together, their music influences, being in a relationship, and more. Check out the footage below. I’ll include an excerpt for each clip.

Broken Language [formerly known as Bamz Wala Na] is a rapper, singer, and songwriter originally from Bronx, NY. He got his start in music at early age when he began singing at 8. At the age of 12, his older brother influenced him to start rapping. He eventually moved to Georgia and adapted to the culture by mixing his New York slang with his new home in Atlanta.

Nay Palm also got started at a young age when her father began teaching her how to play drums on pots and pans. At the age of 4, she began learning how to play the piano. By the time she was 12, she was playing guitar and bass. In high school, Nay joined marching band and eventually became captain of the drumline. She also received a band scholarship to attend Hampton University, where she majored in Music Engineer Technology. She is currently an Engineer at Eoa Digital in Atlanta, Ga.

Check out the first clip. They talk about how they started working together, their creative space, how their relationship as a couple carries over to the music, Nay’s latest project Gold On My MacBook–Broken Language is on 3 of the tracks–and more.

What’s your favorite track on the Gold On My Macbook project?

Nay Palm:

“That’s like choosing one of your babies, I can’t. I don’t know… Honestly, if I have to pick a song, I would say the ‘Intro’ just because that track is all me. Like, I’m actually singing on there and produced everything. It’s just a real chill intro. I was in a really creative, free space when I created it.”

Stream and Download Gold On My MacBook below.

Check out the second clip. They talk musical influences, their favorite artists they’ve worked with, and even give us a preview of a new track they’re working on called “White Boys.”

Who are some of the artist who have influenced you?

Broken Language:

“I don’t mean this in any disrespect at all, because I praise Jay Z.. like he is the master, but in a sense I wanna be better than him.. You feel me? because, I feel like that’s just putting a limitation on what I can be… I definitely look up to Jay Z though. He’s someone I wanna pass with what he’s achieved.”

I’m excited for their upcoming projects as Bonnie & Clyde Music. Of course, they’re both great at what they do on the solo tip, but it’s great to see them come together and make dope records that way. Broken Language never disappoints with the bars and Nay Palm provides the perfect tracks [and even better engineering] to bring it all together. I appreciate the chemisty that’s there, ya know?

As always, I’ll keep you up to date on the latest releases from Bonnie & Clyde Music. To further connect with them, follow their social media accounts:

Broken Language on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

Nay Palm on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

Bonnie & Clyde Music, thank you for your time!



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