Bonnie & Clyde Music Releases Debut Mixtape, “The Giveaway”

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.44.09 PMBonnie & Clyde Music (made up of Broken Language and Nay Palm) released their debut mixtape, The Giveaway, on October 31st. The project comes with 4 tracks, all produced and engineered by Nay Palm. Of course, you’ll catch Broken Language laying the vocals – whether it be rapping or singing – however, Nay Palm has a slight treat for you guys on “Cold.” Stream the full project below. I’ll also include their visual for the first track on the project, Dawg House. Stay tuned here for all future releases.

BCM on The Giveaway:

“The Giveaway is only the beginning of what we have planned for Bonnie & Clyde Music. We’re more than artists, we’re a genre and a movement. [We] think you’ll be able to see that as we continue to share our art with the world.”

Watch “Dawg House” below. Shot by me, Starr’Boss.

Read our first interview with BCM here.

Soundcloud: Bonnie & Clyde Music

Twitter: @MusicByNayPalm / @Lingo4Real / @BCM4Real


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