Update: Erykah Badu Releases ‘But You Caint Use My Phone’

bycump erykahErykah Badu aka The Queen of Dallas (as we call her here at bspz) has released the official track listing for her But You Caint Use My Phone project. Check it out below and be sure to peep the cover. I’ll also include her “Hotline Bling (Remix)” below. Erykah originally released “Phone Down” via SoundCloud, but it has been removed since then.

B.Y.C.U.M.P. drops November 27th.


Stream here. Purchase Here.

1. Caint Use My Phone Suite
2. Hi
3. Cell U Lar Device
4. Phone Down
5. U Use To Call Me
6. Mr. Telephone Man
7. U Don’t Have To Call
8. Whats Yo Phone Number
9. Dial’afreaq
10. I’ll Call U Back
11. Hello

I don’t really have to explain the project title do I? Bless yourself, Google Erykah’s “Tyrone.”



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