#BackseatPoetry January 2016: Kiyya K [Part 2]

kiyyakWelcome back for part two! As stated previously, we’ll be featuring Kiyya K’s poetry all month. If you missed the interview and the first featured piece in part one, please catch up here.

Now for today’s featured piece! She describes it as being,

“About the push & pull of relationships. Specifically me drawing from experience.”

“Given Up”

Whole heart beautiful she yearned for the kiss 

I know, I know, her love is like this 

Sweet, tied up in sugar cane, dipped in honey, soaked in mango

In love do we really believe it takes two to tango

There lies a beating heart, in love but yet alone

I know how she sounds when she sings in her own swan song 

Beat on, cruel heart, for you deserve to live

I have given you all I have, all I have to give 

This ain’t no remembrance, no times of old

This is yesterday, this morning, this is the story that has always been told

Ain’t no secret to my heartsong, she sounds just as loud as the rooster cries at dawn 

Don’t you leave here acting like you’ve never heard it before 

These kissed lips have kissed your hips, rips, and dips more times you can count on your pussy soaked fingertips 

Remember this

I saw your eyes gazing into mine, looked like sunshine over moon glazed lakes giving way to their temptations 

You caved. 

Like men do when they are no longer suffering from starvation 

I satiated your hunger and quenched your thirst for love 

Fool that I am, I thought that this would be enough 

Cold hardwood floors in wet socks that are too big for my soles 

Don’t feel as uncomfortable as the hole in my soul

Wouldn’t you know 

Because you do. 

Kissed me before I cried. Blessed me before I sneezed. Covered my shoulders before I even knew there was a chance for me to freeze. 

How dare you know me. 

This laugh consists of old jokes and insiders established just last week, you have me fresh still on the edge of my seat. 

Lawd, Preach. 

Why you in such a rush to not/to marry me ?

Who are we?

Babes fresh out the womb, not even close to our first day of school. 

Can’t we wait for the fire to burn out before we start lighting matches again 

Flame still hot. Hearts still beating. 

I still believe it. 

We still got time to learn the steps to the new dance and my hair hasn’t yet gone out of style, so let’s wait a while. 

Our impartial souls jumping to conclusion 

Only causes more confusion 

What are you so afraid of [not] losing ? 

Grandfather clock says we still got a lot of Father Time.

And I’m not one to toy with Mother Nature, so let’s just sit out in her Sun. 

Heartbeats like ticking clocks & our time has just begun 


Stay tuned for Part 3.


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