#BackseatPoetry January 2016 [Part 3] | Kiyya K

kiyyakWelcome back for Part 3 of this month’s #BackseatPoetry feature with Kiyya K. Today I will be sharing a piece from her titled, “We Were Lost Right.”

Just in case you missed Part 1 & 2, take a moment to catch up.

Read Part 1 (features interview) here.

Read Part 2 here. 

“We Were Lost Right”

we were lost right? 

talked in the dark as if whispers could carry into the wind

laid in the street as if the world would drive around us 

leave your troubles at the door actually existed 

we could pretend we found love, as if it truly went missing 

and I never held your hand, never tasted your kisses 

the fireflies that danced around us made us so dismissive

didn’t we dance in the dark? 

walked along paths that led to the next day 

sang songs that never reached our voices

no one ever heard us 

that was that summer 

where pages in the book looked like the notebook 

carrying along as if life would stop just in time for end credits 

or the epilogue

with each page that turned, a new color popped up on the page

you smile in blue 

I laugh in yellows

you cry in black 

I forgive in purple 

we love in red 

but we were lost right? 

we could never formulate the right ideas

I think…maybe if…probably next time…I didn’t mean to

the phrases never completed themselves 

the emotions rested at the shores 

we can’t do this anymore 

and love sounds like stars bursting into the moon 

love feels like the sun kissing the earth

The snow ontop the mountain melting in my hands 

The salt from the sea carving out humanity 

And rainbows can lead to a better tomorrow

Weren’t we lost?

Hansel and Gretel traveling in the woods leaving invisible breadcrumbs behind 

-so no one could ever find us, but we could always get back home- 

Deeper into the forest I saw green

lush gardens formed around us 

I heard the caged bird sing

And she sounded like heaven 

Like nothing could end her song 

Nothing could do her harm 

We thought she was weary, my oh my how we were wrong 

And I know her story 

Flying into nowhere, hoping she can find happiness

Sing, sister, sing 

She convinced us to fly

And I was convinced that feelings could transform into megatron

That next time I woke I would have a handle on


Convinced that when I reached out to grab his hand it would already be there

But we were lost 

Tiptoeing on the line between freedom and insanity 

Somewhere between I want it & I got it 

Somebody tell Batman I found the missing convict 

He woke up next to me

And I’ll admit I never told him to leave 

I even asked him to stay….

(All because I was trying to find bae)

But bae stuck out like a sore thumb

That extra pang in your heart 

And every love song’s subject 

Every heartbreak’s martyr 

Staring at the start of something new 

He held the joker in his hand, and all I had it do was avoid eye contact 

And everything would be ok


So lost…

love reminds me of the imaginary

the unspoken

the untold

love reminds me of hiding in dark corners, telling secrets, and finding hidden treasures

but we were lost.

so none of this ever happened

I never found you

and we never…ever


Stay tuned for Part 4.



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