Indy Politikz: SandtronLeon Serves Up More Work [Interview]

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 3.32.05 PM.pngSandtronLeon. Lagrange, Ga. Artist. He’s one of few artists that I know that can take you through the entire creative process for every song he has.. and then he’ll break down the meaning bar for bar.. and it will go completely beyond what you could’ve thought it meant. I’ll say more one thing before we get to the interview, Sandtron has always had tunnel vision and his growth is apparent. Check it out below. We talked YNBG, his latest project More Work, and what to expect next from him.

How long have you been doing music and when did you know you wanted to take it seriously?

“I’ve been making beats since HS and I admit some of them were trash, but something always told me to never stop. What really made me deem myself capable [is] being introduced globally to people through music. I knew I wanted to really get serious. It all sparked from me just hearing different people and saying if I wanted to, I could drop a tape. Then a few months [later] I dropped GOOD before I got my degree. Once I had it, I felt like I was entitled to try to do something I love and that I’m good and going to get better. That, along with the motivation and support from my favorite artist, CyHi the Prynce, who helped me understand that you can exist in whatever place you feel fit… as long as you work for it.”

You just dropped a new project, More Work. What made you choose that name? Is Greatness still on the way? 

“Greatness is always on the way. Everything I make I plan to be great. Lol but for real though, it is. I put out More Work because I had been working on a lot of different things and I’ve been making a lot of different songs due to my personal experiences leaving 2015 going into the New Year. Lost my girl, got a new one, having girl problems tryna understand why I’m in the midst. You know, real problems. So I decided what better time than to work and drop a tape. Hence the name, More Work. This tape also follows up to my First EP, Work. I decided a while back that Greatness would be an independent album. You can’t rush Greatness. God won’t let me drop it until he knows I can handle the responsibility that comes with it. 2016 is a year where I plan to put a lot of things into perspective and really grab people’s attention and invite them to be apart of this journey I’m taking.”

Stream the entire project below. My personal favorite is the Intro.

What’s your favorite song from More Work? Why?

“Check Above The Brim. I wanted to make an upbeat turn up type song, a feel good song, but not just focus on the hook to be what keeps you putting it in rotation. I made the beat one day with the same mind set and since my mama’s favorite player is Cam Newton, I decided to add some clips of Cam describing what he dabs. Everybody dabs. Everybody. So I thought it would be a good concept. The main reasoning behind the song though is to remind people that I understand I’m a nobody in regarding the industry and I’m okay with that. I understand you have to grind, embrace your surroundings, and be humble. The brim I speak about is my YNGB snapback. YNBG is my creation and I work with and through that. Anyone that supports YNBG gotta win. It’s only right. So when I’m in a better light, check above the brim and you’ll know why I’m there.”

Tell the new viewers everything they need to know about YNBG.

Y Not Be Great we all have ability to be Great so Y Not use it. YNBG is a small company that was created in 2012. Over the years, it’s grown into a registered publisher and independent label. God Only Opposes Defeat is my definition of the word good and my GOOD bracelet is what I think will be the new WWJD bracelet. I love God. I wouldn’t have anything if it weren’t for him and that’s why YNBG doesn’t have a choice but to be a great thing. New bracelets are also on the way, but they’re special so won’t be too many made.

“YNBG” is also a song that can be found on SandtronLeon’s GOOD mixtape. I had the wonderful opportunity of shooting the visual for it. It’s dope because it was his first music video, which happened to be mine as well. Check it out below.

A lot of people don’t know that you’re a creative genius. Do you feel slept on?

“Thank you. I really appreciate that and of course I do! I’m literally doing what 10 to 20 people do, by myself. What boggles me is the fact that people won’t really understand what i’m doing now until the don’t have a choice. When I’ve mastered so much of one craft and then start crafting it’s presentation? I try to tell people all the time, support me now and not just when I make it. But I use it as fuel. All I need is yer or no. You’re either with it to you’re competition, but I still love you cause I need that too.”

What’s next for you? Anything else in the works?

“Right now I’m mainly pushing More Work and doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I have a lot of ideas and people who are on the same wave right now as me with a similar kind of mindset. So right now, it’s just all about work. I’ll play a little when I can to remember why I chose to chase my dreams in the first place and blast “Gold Chain, Fresh Fade,” — but not too much. Lol but mainly just do me man. Work on me. Get Tron right, you know?”

Last but not least, we always ask: What’s the one thing you want listeners to take away from your music?

“Love. Some type of way to use love. No matter what type of genre I decide to approach, every song was made from love. Whether it be the presence, absence, need, or want. Love is what the world really needs and love drives everything we do in some way, shape, or form. Even people that don’t wanna admit that being true still eventually do at some point in their lives.”

We’ll keep you up to date with all of his releases. To further connect with SandtronLeon:

Twitter- @_Sandtron
Tumblr- SandtronLeon
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Tron! Thanks for your time!

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