New Album: Thoughts | TVPES #IndyPolitikz

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 7.11.55 PMAfter dropping off “get up (move something),” TVPES is back with the rest of his Thoughts album. The tape is now available for purchase via bandcamp. Some of the tracks can also be streamed via his Soundcloud.

Check out the tracklist below.

side a
1. hey
2. wots
3. Hewitt, ave
4. omm
5. interlude
6. miracle
7. be my
8. paran(o)ia
9. Everett, WA
10. Travelin
11. Secrets she keptSide b.
1. Bye
2. b.u
3. c(oo)l
4. chant
5. Ewf
6. su,ichy (interlude)
7. : )
8. crispy (tvpes x warmgloom)
9. g.u(ms)
10. Tictih
11. easiarn
12. 5AM
13. cmrd



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