#BackseatPoetry February 2016 [Part 1] | Pilot Jones Zo

pilot jones zo.jpg

Pilot Jones Zo. Philly. I’ve been following Zo on Twitter for about 4 years now. It was one of those things where one of your followers actually becomes the homie. A while back, she sent me a few of her pieces and I kept the ones that I could relate to the most in my favorites. She doesn’t even know she’s part of why #BackseatPoetry exists. She always commended me for #IndyPolitikz and giving back to the culture. Now I get to do the same through poetry. So, before we start: Zo! Thanks for sharing your art. Thanks for helping inspire this.

We did a brief interview discussing her inspiration for writing, what poetry means to her, and more. Check it out below. I’ll also be sharing a piece from her titled “Sunflowers.”

How long have you been writing?

“I’ve honestly been writing since elementary school. Before I even knew I was writing poetry, I had a journal full of poetry.”

What subject do you tend to write about the most? Is it also your favorite?

“I always tend to write about the darker side of our soul. I suppose I write about that the most because it’s the smallest side of me I show.”

What does your poetry mean to you?

“Poetry to me is more than just writing some shit down that sounds good. I can’t personally, (others can), just sit there and write a poem just because. I have to really feel what I’m putting down. I mostly just write off impulse.”

What’s something you’d like for readers to take away from your writing?

“I just want them to take away some type of emotion. Live with me for a moment through my words.”

Is there anywhere else we can find more of your writing?

“I drop periodically but mostly I just email my work to a few colleagues of mine and we discuss life together.”

We’ll be featuring poems from Pilot Jones Zo all month. Be sure to stay tuned. Follow her on Twitter @MilitantZo. Read her first piece, “Sunflowers,” below.


I always wanted to love her to the music of a piano
You know, I’d let my words grace her ears like the notes flowing through the room
I just want to caress her skin like how the pianist touches the keys as he plays and serenades the audience
In my head, she belongs somewhere that air can’t touch
Somewhere that the pedals from flowers float vertically up and swirl around her perfection
Keeping my world balanced
Lets break away from reality and float like jazz.
Smooth and unbounded to the regularity you are used to
When I kissed her lips I know she felt my mind intruding her thought trance
and my hands diving into the fire her heart holds
The perfect yin and yang
My ice cold reality turns mystical when entering the indigo surreality she creates for me
Her dragon swayed lifestyle sets flames to the past leafs that have fallen from her tree of adventure
Only I can glide over them and still see the truth that she tried so aimlessly to obliterate with carless decisions and white lies
I understand her mysteries and unriddle them to the melodies seducing the atmosphere
We don’t have to dance to the rhythm of the music playing
We can close our eyes and move to the melodies our hearts create together
Let go of expectations and live in the limitless possibilities the music brings

Stay tuned for Part 2.


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