Wolf Paradise+ Releases ‘METAPHYSICAL’ Album

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Wolf Paradise+  has just released his first official album, #METAPHYSICAL, via his Bandcamp page, wolfparadise.bandcamp.com. The project comes with 19-tracks that WP+ has produced over the last two years. Check out what he had to say about it below.

On choosing the name (He also explains this on Track 1) :

“The album was originally called Pure Energy, but over time it became #METAPHYSICAL because its the basis of what I live by. There’s the physical world where we live in our bodies as the people we are this lifetime, but I usually live my life in the metaphysical sense of the soul and beyond normal thinking.”

On the process/purpose:

“It took 3 months to get the album together, but the tracks come from anywhere between now an 2 years ago. The main purpose of this project is to show people where I plan to take my music since I don’t want to be just a producer, but recognized as a artist. I realize I can heal a lot of people with my sound, and so it’s a meditative, stoner, dreamer tape full of euphoric moods that awaken the soul and promote growth. You can get lost in your thoughts with this tape.”

On his favorites:

“Hardest question ever but.. My top 3 are “Old Habits,”  “Call a Uber,”  and “SlimThickCurvy.” “Old Habits” is just a really good catchy beat, hella turnt. “Call a Uber” is a bit deeper for me. [It]  relates to my last relationship, but also represents a feeling of when you care bout someone, but they gotta go regardless cuz they fucked up. [and] “SlimthickCurvy” has a really good feel. I really love the bass on this one and the track is a admiration for all women all shapes an sizes.”

Be sure to follow Wolf Paradise on Twitter @PASTELPYRAMiDS.

Wolf Paradise+ and Alive+ stickers now available at http://wolfparadise.bandcamp.com.


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