#BackseatPoetry April 2016 [Part 1] | Marvin Jordan II

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It’s April already, so that means a new #BackseatPoetry feature for the month. Today I’ll be introducing you all to Marvin Jordan II from Dallas, Texas. He writes on a variety of subjects, but no matter the topic, the emotion is always conveyed clearly. We got a chance to talk about how he got started with his writing and more. I’ll also be sharing a couple of pieces from him today. First, check out the interview.

How long have you been writing poetry? What first sparked your interest?
“In elementary school my mother would make me do the school oratorical contest, so I would always have a poem that I would memorize for it. I have been writing my own poetry since the 7th grade. I had a major crush on an eighth grader in my Home Ec class, so my first poem was written for her.”
If you could only write on one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?
“Love. I think love is the gateway emotion to so many other emotions; anger, hate, sadness, joy, jealousy, depression. I love writing about love because of the passion. I could literally write about love all the time. Its the one emotion we’ve all felt in some form or another. The one emotion that makes all of humanity relatable.”
Are there any poets you look up to? 
“Langston Hughes is my favorite poet, his ability to personify and relate to his people through his words, a truly beautiful mind. Shakespeare was the king of poetic story telling, so he’s another poet I greatly admire. He could create images so vivid using just words, a truly God-like talent.”
What’s one thing you want readers to take away from your writing?
“That your passions, your emotions, you’re feelings make you who you are and at the same time can bring you infinitely closer to human beings. That love isn’t a cruise but a perilous, awarding journey that makes humans so special. Our ability to feel an emotion and express it different ways, thats who we are, who we were created to be. So if nothing else, I want readers to read my poem and feel that the emotions they are going through is what makes us human.”
Is there anywhere else we can find your writing?
Check out two of his poems below, “What’s Behind Door Number One? ” and “Sounding Expression.”
“What’s Behind Door Number One?”

Knock knock

who’s there,

it’s me I forgot my keys…

I haven’t been home in 2 days baby please.

Let me in before I freeze, this worlds so cold.

And when I’m not with you the world is way too mean..

The people don’t smile and I have no other friends..

You’re my crutch on you I depend, 

on you I lean, your blood flows through my veins.

But the highs gon away, I need a new fix baby I’m a feign.

Let me tell you about this dream..

We were back in high school,

and I caught you with another dude, can’t say who.

But I flipped, went ape shit and beat him senseless..

I got caught and expelled and as my eyes swelled

you made up an excuse, but I didn’t interrupt

I let you tell your tale.

But I knew it wasn’t true,

I just threw my brain down a well,

it couldn’t escape, when I fell in love with you,

I did just that, fell

fell for the lies and crocodile cries.

You could do no wrong my angel,

I fell as you would fly.

Why, honestly, its cause of your mind.

That grind that takes most of my time..

leaving me at home, writing rhymes about the times we shared

back when you cared before you realized you were scared

before you found that strong arm comfort in another man’s pair.

Back before you wore heels, it was me who bought the first pair.

Million dollar shopping sprees, well I only spent a couple hundred 

but it was all you had. 

Back when you were just another girl

before you was what the slick talkers hunted..

He just with you to flaunt you,

and watching you text that other guy is taunting..

It’s like you flaunting in my face what I brought you to.

I never been one to take credit

but give credit where credit is due,

Baby I made you.

Before I made you I had you, 

and when I had you I loved you.

Took every chance to hug, why have you grown so smug boo??

Let me in open the door, I know he’s there.

I know what you’ve done. 

I had to compete for your heart and he won..

Baby we’re done, all of this has gotten old.

Just let me in so I can grab my soul.

“Sounding Expression”


I wish I was perfect

so every bitch worth a damn

would think I’m worth it.

And I could erase pain so my brother would stop hurting.

They gave him pills to kill the voices in his head but the shit ain’t working.

And he looked me in my eyes and said I’m ready to go under.

So,I’m at a point in my life where I’m just working and i feel worthless

and my love has grown into perversion. 

A sick sham of what used to be..

I love love but I just let hate use me

Distrust abuses me and her actions confuses me.

And now I look at her knowing there could never be two of me.

And i been writing poems about handling Jimmy’s death

but it hasn’t got any easier

so I’m always scared of losing people.

I was raised by the choir singer 

but it isn’t shelter from the rain under the steeple.

or maybe I’m standing in the wrong spot.

Living life atop a cloud loft has made me soft.

Sympathy for those that that ain’t loyal to me.

And the ones who are make me feel so bizarre 

so I sit in the car looking at the stars.

Drinking this malt liquor til my heart stops

then the car starts and Ive lost my head

when the tops drops, so the wind rocks thoughts off this lead.

How much time left before my enemies stand straight ahead.

I’ve made alot of mistakes trying to chase this bread.

So i know I got a victim somewhere who swears they’ll see me dead.

Break bread with myself and the one who’ll be here til we part ways in death.

But I already found me in her.

Cuddled up watching Netflix secure in her arms.

Like two slaves hiding in a barn, scared of the world around me.

I guess that’s why I gotta keep a bad bitch around me.

A woman’s embrace is so in-bounding.

And when we express love, I’m finally in control.

I pay the ferry’s toll and rock the love boat.

And we lay content on the bounds of falling

and they throw the flag for intentional grounding.

and i every time i open my mouth all these words come out

but this is never how it ends up sounding.


Be sure to stay connected with Marvin through his Tumblr and on Twitter @Cloudie_Daze.
We’ll be featuring his poetry all month so be sure to check back here for Part 2.

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