#BackseatPoetry April 2016 [Part 2] | Marvin Jordan II

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 8.15.26 PMWe’re back with Part 2 of this month’s #BackseatPoetry feature with Marvin Jordan II. If you missed Part 1, now is the time to catch up on our interview and read the first two shared pieces.

Today I’ll be sharing two more pieces from Marvin, “Passion’s Lie” and “What I’ve Been Searching For.”
Read below.

Passion’s Lie

Burning passion filled with fire and desire..

that’s all fucking requires.

Love making gives you a satisfying high..

But when love making, love is a must

so the only thing we can do is create lust.

Close bodies, sweating, synchronized breathing..

we both want it so we grind harder..

But our hearts could never be farther,

mind in one place, body with another..

My heart beat does race, but only for a lover..

Or would that make us just two fuckers,

fucking because of the physical

lacking the spiritual, we keep trying to fool our mental

with the love cries that pass through our dental..

Love cries..passionate lies..time flies..

Closed eyes, sweaty clothes, penetrated holes,

hearts blocked by hard cock, the bed rocks

but the heart has never been more still.

The body overpowers the feel with its will

and the body grows more confused, the mind is ignored..

The bland beat of the heart is muffled under the knocking of the head board..

and the head hoards memories of the passion with love that was lacking..

until she’s done acting, here eyes spy

a bedroom of passion, where love just doesn’t reside.


What I’ve Been Searching For

I remember laying alone at nights as the tears would flow

and sometimes I wish I would drown, bring joy by day but cry at night.

The chronicles of a sad clown, and when no one else was around you showed up.

This is all new to me, these are things I thought I’d never see.

Who am I to experience such purity, something so clean.

And I cling to it like a child to a mother, knowing nothing purer.

This is what I’ve been searching for, this is what I spent all the time hurting for..

A joy that gives the hurt the worth.. a solid love made from the earth, 

sent from the heavens, ordained by God and made to last forever.

Knowing nothing sweeter, this is my ether, so I drink up knowing my love can feed her.

All the nutrition she needs, we will live on love alone.

More fulfilling than bread and water, this boat of passion will take us farther

and I will see what I would never without her.

Everyone knows I’m in over my head, everyone knows she’s on my mind.

To be oblivious to this love must mean your blind,

and I’ll be kind and let you feel my heart, you can feel love in every beat, 

you can smell the fiery passion in my every breaths heat.

We cry sometimes, when we’re apart cause we know we grow fonder in the heart

and it’s very scary that someone could be so very, very very,






and honest.

When God made you he was trying make love

and when we make love we make a new us..

We create a soul built in peaceful turmoil that rages war against things of hate dissent and rage.

A love so strong the Bible should dedicate a page ..

to us, to love, to passion and lust.

We have to pass on this love, it’s one of life’s musts..

To have loved and lost is better to have never loved at all

but to rise above this level is not comparable when, in love, you fall.

My backbone is gone and my love stands me tall.

I would not know love if I never knew you at all


Stay tuned for Part 3.


Happy Birthday Mr. 414!


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