[Stream] Super Nike Nando Releases ‘TheCarryOut4: Prequel’ #IndyPolitikz

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.37.00 PMApparently Super Nike Nando decided yesterday that he wanted to drop a project and here it is. Press play on the stream for TheCarryOut4: Prequel below. He provides 11 tracks, a mixture of old and new — two of which he recorded hours before releasing the project. I caught up with Nando to talk his favorites on #TCO4, deciding not to write, and more. Catch a few excerpts below.

On #TCO4 Prequel overall: 

I’m working on my actual album but I haven’t released anything since Oct of 2015. The project just shows my range as far as an artist and how I kinda want hip-hop to go back to talking about subjects instead of just trappin, hoes, drugs, etc. It talks about life from the perspective of a male who lives a normal everyday life chasing his dreams.”

On why he decided not to write on the project:

“Tbh I haven’t wrote music physically this entire year I doubt if I ever do again… I say the same things I would if I was writing. I just use more catchy flows now, because my method isn’t the same. It requires less time. I recorded two of the songs for this project earlier today, a couple of hrs before I released this project. Writing was just taking too long for me. It required too much thinking. The last song I wrote was “Super Fuego” when I was in Atlanta with my recording setup with Havana Seoul.” 

On his favorites:

“‘Trouble’ It came from a super real place. It’s not a turn up record like most of the songs on the project, but it’s my real life. The 2nd would have to be “Potential” lol.

On the two he did today:

“I did ‘Potential’ and ‘Juice’ today… took me like 20 min to do both and I had to fix a line or two in ‘Trouble.'”

shout out to the “Other Night Interlude,” ha.


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