#BackseatPoetry May 2016 [Part 1] | Sip Poetry


It’s the first of May, so that means a new installment of #BackseatPoetry. Today I’ll be introducing you to Mississippi’s own, Sip Poetry. She’s also a newly graduate of THE University of West Georgia — one time for alumni— lol. I caught up with Sip to talk about what inspires her writing, upcoming releases, and more. Check out the interview below. Sip also came prepared with three pieces for today’s post.

When did you start writing? What inspires you to write?

“I started writing down my poetry when I was a freshmen in college. I started thinking about poetry when I was in middle school. So, basically all of my poetry was a freestyle until I was in college. My adversity inspires me to write. [and] When I’m not going through a struggle, being woke inspires me to write.”

What do you want readers to take away from your writing?

“I want them to take away a different perspective. I feel like understanding perspectives different from your own and different from your culture is the key to peace. If I understand your perspective on a situation I’m least likely to come at you with animosity and I can sympathize.”

Do you perform all of your pieces, or would you rather do one or the other?

“I would like to perform my poetry because of an event I did when I was a sophomore. A young lady came up and told me she wanted to kill herself that night, but after watching me perform she no longer had that urge. It’s a rush I get.”

Is there anywhere else we can find your writing?

“My Instagram [@Thats_Sip] has my writings as well as recorded performances but other than that, no. You have to come watch me.”

What would you say to younger Sip, the writer?

“Do not please people because no one will be pleased. Please your heart and everyone will be pleased.”

Now that we’ve learned a little about Sip, let’s get into the writing. Here are her three pieces, “Dear Brother,” “Letter To My Rapist,” and “Full Blown Fucking.”

Dear Brother
As you grow older you will witness treatment against you that you will consider unfair unjust and cruel
Understand that when the officer accuses you of being a threat he is nervous because of the articles he has read in regards to your skin tone
He is afraid of the amount of sunlight that is absorbed from the melanin in your skin and will always consider you an armed man, this information is crucial
I know in your adolescent years you are not concerned with race especially since you are mixed; however, just remember all because a white man shakes your hand doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a rope in the other, things change when you’re grown/
As you expose yourself to the world a bit more you will see tendencies in our people that will discourage you as a black man
Even though you will find great heroes that match your status in America and will encourage you to be a leader always remember you are black and not dark white
Always understand that you were first a king before you became the pavement that is walked on everyday by the system that reluctantly set you free with confirmed fears of you becoming too advanced
They will try to shove propaganda of being color blind down your throat chasing it with the contradicting reality of targeting you to put you back in a cage while wiping your mouth of accusations regarding white privilege and when this happens my brother you yell the speeches of Dr. Newton don’t you dare lay down for this abuse and do not dare be quiet/
Force women like Rachael to be uncomfortable for mimicking traits of your mother instead of just being a voice within the problem to subdue the situation
Ridicule the system for their flaws until they crush under pressure when you ask them why you are searched for weapons when a white boy just walked passed you to shoot up your church campuses
Excel in your studies gain a platform for your beliefs remind them the individuals they have dubbed as thugs are highly capable of gaining college degrees embarrass them for their insinuations
Last thing, when they force you to fit their cookie cutter idea of how a black man should tap dance into their office to beg for employment just remember to remain unpretentious/
Your sister

A Letter To My Rapist
To whom this may concern,
I don’t know your first name but I feel like I know everything about you.
I know that the system will not blame you for what happened my freshman year in a bathroom/
I know that you are unaware of how to handle responsibilities because they will pardon you with the amount of liquor I consumed
They will say it’s okay because I wanted it I deserved it even though I was half conscious they will chant you’re the man because your behavior is condoned/
The school wrote my biography from their presumptions that they whispered and graffitied on bathroom stalls
Your one time invasion sent curiosity to others wanting to no if it was that easy and had me in amazement that no one was the least bit appalled/
They teach women to control their booze intake because men are too weak to say no
They teach women to cover their shoulders and knees because men are too weak to say no
Rape culture taught me that a female no is a challenge and that a male no is nonexistent
I just hope the next time you see a pretty girl someone taught you that liquor takes away her consent and that no really does mean no/
September 2nd, 2012 1st floor bathroom

Full Blown Fucking
Shut the fuck up it’s my turn now
See I’ve had a few perverted thoughts linger in my head and it’s time I let those prisoners out
Whenever I look you in the eye I see you and I see me
Not making love not touching not no sofa seduction
As a child I would have asked your permission for a kiss on the cheek
Now that I’m older I will just slide my hand up your thigh until it meets the dripping pink
Place my thumb on your clit
Sneak for a kiss
As I graze my teeth on your neck to work my mouth to your breast
To feel your body lose breath as your mouth attempts to speak
However that’s way too intimate for me
I want to fuck
I want your belly to kiss the sheets of my bed
With my fingers in your hair my wrist bent so your head tilts to watch me beat it from the back, instead
This isn’t an attempt for me to have you question your sexuality
I just thought you should have a thought of what it’s like to have all your walls hit, in reality
Slam your body against the wall and demand you not to speak
I heard dominance makes you weak
Dig your nails into my back as I lift you up
Wrap your legs around my waist as you moan enough
But that’s way too intimate for me
Run from me in only your heels
Show me what your clothes conceal
Grab you from behind put my hand on your neck and whisper bitch you’re mine
Throw you across the bed place your leg on my shoulder
Dig deep into that drowning orifice say my name and I’ll get bolder
I wanna get more physical and less emotional
God damn I wish I could tear you up
Cause whenever I look you in the eye I see you and I see me


Stay tuned for Part 2. Follow @Thats_Sip on Instagram and Twitter.


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