#BackseatPoetry May 2016 [Part 2] | Sip Poetry

imageAnnnnd we’re back! We’re still rocking with Sip Poetry for the entire month of May as promised. Before we get into the second installment, be sure to catch up on the interview we did in Part 1 here.

Today she’ll be dishing out three more pieces. Take a look below.

Her last words were I love you
As she wore my hands around her neck like a tighten necklace/
I’m the venom in her lungs and
She would drown before releasing my demons/
Fearing exhaling because I would beat her for no reason/
Why doesn’t she get that I love her and this is not who I wanted to become
Oh my god this sounds like a prelude to an abusive ending, what have I done/
I’ve become my parents never ending this vicious cycle someone save me
Rescue me before I have children and they repeat us three/
The abuser a victim funny how that works out
But what did they expect me to do when all I know is I love you and then knockouts/
No one taught me to love more gently cause
mentally all I ever wanted to do was give you what I never had, pause
What we never had/
We’re both fools to the deception of love
I just hope you forgive when you looking down from above/

Her desire to exchange last names is depleting
Finding new qualities that she wants to critique/
Heartbreaking to see self perspectives need change
A home remedy is needed before she becomes estranged/
A couple of lines away before the cons out weigh the pros
A tear falls with the realization that our relationship might experience a foreclose/
Stare in the mirror until the eye sees a change in I
You gotta be better do more than just try/
The day vows are supposed to be shared she won’t say any vowels like I, just silence
She won’t be in attendance there will be no entrance you could put a dash by that with my name after a set of quotations/
She’s just begging me for a little bit of attention
I say baby can you repeat that cause I wasn’t listenin/
She rolls her eyes and murmurs you’re such a child
My lady thinks I’m putting her on a back burner how wild
A child?
Guess I failed to live up to maturity detail, turbulence to derail/
She’s cracking jokes that’s breaking my heart cause they get too close
Sensitivity exposed keep control but froze those thoughts with the ones composed with not meeting her standards, I loathe/
Some months ago she was falling in love with me planning to spend her life me
Now she’s catching those emotions and it’s scratching at my conscience that I should’ve scribbled her a transcription to show her recognition pulled back on my ignorance so much irrelevant belligerence less sessions with the physical listened to her mental cause then maybe I would never have to ask her what you’re thinking, change me/
She would probably leave me thinking I wouldn’t notice leave a note for me knowing I wouldn’t find it to read it/
She’s catching her love for me, my personality took her for granted gee/

I Love…
I love him, I want him, I’m attracted to him
A chant I tell myself to remember what I feel for him/
You should never have to force yourself to be attracted to someone yet every morning I look at him and convince myself that I love him so I don’t become unstrung/
His kisses are rough to my lips unsatisfying touches he leaves on my skin his approaches to sexual tension must end so I just lay there for him to begin/
I love him I want him I’m attracted to him
Autopilot, the state of mind she puts me in his, best friend
The beautiful smile that blooms on her lips give me thought so I can’t comprehend, goosebumps that don’t end and confusion on where my breath went/
What am I doing
I should be mentally screwing him but I am verbally asking her to close the door and to remove her clothes/
Sliding my hand up her thigh until it meets the dripping pink placing my thumb on her clit sneaking for a kiss as I graze my teeth on her neck to work my mouth to her breast to feel her body lose breath as she/
I love her I want her I am attracted to her
Thoughts that my brain is pumping before he barges through my door yelling words of hate the truth being forced displayed a puddle of embarrassment rest in my eyes as I’m demanded to know longer tell lies/
I loved him I wanted her I am attracted to her
It’s hard to come out when there’s no one there waiting for you to tell you that it’ll be okay and there’s nothing wrong with what you do/
Some days it seems so much easier to lock yourself back behind that door but if you never opened it they would have never seen the scorn

Stay tuned for Part 3 with Sip.


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